Accredited Homeschool Vs Independent Homeschool

Accredited Homeschool

Accredited Homeschool

Accredited homeschool program are unique institutions. At first glance, they appear to be charming. However, once you read the information about an accredited homeschool, you will discover that the curriculum is far from unique. These schools claim to individualize their programs based on each child's individual needs.  Once you take a closer look, you will discover that all of the students use the same materials.

Accredited Homeschool vs Independent Homeschool Opportunities

"These exceptional curriculum opportunities linked with the expertise of the counselors are supposed to make them better than independent homeschool- but the only background you need is the concern for your child. Genuine professional advice would encourage you to obey your mind and your expertise.  The so-called exceptional curriculum opportunities of an accredited homeschool include what curriculum for certification.

The classes range from vocational to advanced placement which is the same as the independent school.  These accredited schools allow their student to choose their curriculum.  Any course a student desires can be arranged for the child.

Accredited Homeschool Considerations

There are official transcripts which include any academic class or activity the student participates for credit.  A student can take courses such as band, calculus, online lessons, and community college classes.  All are put on the transcript.  These connections to learning are also provided in the independent homeschool. Parents can give the same opportunities to the student.

Accredited Homeschool vs Independent Homeschool Tuition

Tuition is another consideration for accredited homeschools; it often ranges from $200 to thousands of dollars. Education does not guarantee that the child will learn more than they would at home.  Since homeschooling is a personal family choice, it is another consideration.

Accredited Homeschool vs Independent Homeschool

Sometimes accredited distance education programs are the appropriate option for families. But look at these differences and determine which is best for your family. Homeschooling at home is not to be feared.  Make the right decision based on the needs of the children, and you desire to do what is best.  Fear is no cause for executing a necessary decision about schooling alternatives.

Accredited Homeschool vs Independent Homeschool Summary

Independent Homeschools are flexible and individualize lessons based on the individual's needs and desires. There are no boundaries to what can and cannot be taught.  You will need to follow the state laws governing homeschool.  The counselors in family homeschools are the parents, who love their children and know what is best for there education.