Christian Homeschool Programs-The Advantages

Christian Homeschool Programs

Christian Homeschool Programs

Christian Homeschool Programs Homeschooling is increasingly becoming more popular as a choice of education for many families. Instead of being forced to choose between public and private schools, some parents decide to go one step further and homeschool their kids, albeit for many different reasons.

Christian Homeschool Programs Influences

Christian parenting experts tend to advocate homeschooling as a way to protect children from harmful influences of their peers. The sad thing is, these parents wind up operating in a spirit of fear against the public school system. This system is not the way the Lord designed His children to act; we do not have a vision of bondage to fear, but He has given us the spirit of sonship, which allows us to request Him "Abba, Father" (Romans 8). When we understand how we belong to Him, and that all His desires for our family and us are right, we can be confident of having Him wherever we, as well as our children, go.

Christian Homeschool Programs Advantages

So if we aren't looking at this safety net from negative influences as a reason to homeschool, what could be the benefits of homeschooling for Christian parents and their children?

  1. Reduced financial costs - Many Christian families turn towards homeschool because of budgetary constraints. When you homeschool your child, it will cost you much less regarding finances compared to private and even public school. For Christian families who embrace a voluntary fasted lifestyle to turn their finances into kingdom pursuits, these lower costs translate into a significant relief from budgetary issues.
  2. Lessons can be adapted to suit the child's learning style - Surely, one serious benefit of homeschooling is that a child is not forced to learn based on a fixed curriculum that has placed without considering his specific learning style or personality. Of course, this does not mean that you do not purchase, perhaps, a set of Christian homeschool curriculum; instead, it means that you have the freedom to adapt the curriculum to match your child's learning style. For example, when a child enjoys music, he can quickly learn more things when they put to music, and you can also teach him how to play instruments, while another child who enjoys sports can learn more through active participation.
  3.  It's highly flexible regarding venue and time. When you homeschool your child, his learning is not limited to the classroom nor the fixed hours of school days. For example, a child can go with mom and dad on out-of-town trips, helping friends or loved ones, or doing any other activity that he may not be part of had he been in regular school. A homeschooled child is a child who gets to experience the world with the guidance of his parents, who have Jesus living in them. In the same vein, online homeschooling enables kids to continue their education even with parents who bring them on much travel throughout the year.
  4.  Impartation - This is by far an essential benefit of homeschooling, as Christian parents are concerned not just about education, but of manifesting the heart of Jesus to their children. As you spend long hours with your children, you get more chances of expressing His love in the real day-to-day tasks, and these seeds will surely soon bear fruit. It is in the hour-by-hour togetherness that you are challenged to exhibit grace-based parenting, wooing them into who Jesus is.

Christian Homeschool Programs Summary

The most important benefits of homeschooling for the Christian family are as described above. For every family, there may be other homeschooling pros and cons identified, but once these essential standards are in place, you will have the strength to face the challenges of homeschooling!