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Dual Enrollment Homeschool

Dual Enrollment Homeschool Is It Good For Kids?

Dual Enrollment Homeschool, One little aspect regarding going to college as a freshman means that you need to remain a freshman until you start at the University. Taking college classes inside the context of dual enrollment is okay. Whenever college classes count toward high school graduation, then they are counted as high school courses, and the student is still a freshman regarding the university admission. In the junior and senior year of high school, you can take college classes that are on the high school transcript.

Dual Enrollment Homeschool Status

Here's the big issue: the minute the student graduates high school, all of the community college classes are not the same as high school classes. That will mean if you take even one single credit in the summer following senior year it can cancel your freshman status on your application. One unique course taken during the summer may mean you are a transfer admission instead, and not eligible for freshman scholarships. So taking community college courses when you are in high school is not an issue. Taking ANY community college courses after you graduate high school, throughout the summer before going to the university, could be a SIGNIFICANT problem and it can do away with the freshman scholarships.

Dual Enrollment Homeschool Policy

It is an excellent plan to get in touch with the university you are applying to - well in advance, if at all possible. Each school can set their policy regarding these types of things, for that reason, it can differ widely throughout states and counties and colleges. Since dual enrollment for public school students is not a typical offering throughout the summer, they may think that ANY summer classes at a community college are not dual enrollment. You want to be sure to check on that. Some universities are disappointed with the academics of community college classes. For that reason, several universities don't take community college courses for credit, and those lessons will count the same as any high school level course. With procedures differing broadly, it is crucial to check.

Dual Enrollment Homeschool Sports

Even though I haven't researched the NCAA, I have heard people point out that college enrollment courses can affect your chance to participate in NCAA sports, so that is also something worth taking a look at it.
These types of scholarships usually come from the university, and they make the decisions regarding the admission standing of each student. I am not sure if there are federal grants in community college courses, or if they are allocated based on how the university determines your status.

Dual Enrollment Homeschool Summer Courses

For individual families as well as in certain circumstances, it will make sense to take a summer course at the community college and hold off admission into a university. Even though it is the case that the student will not get freshman admission scholarships, community college courses are so affordable the approach can still save the family money. University freshman does get other scholarships. However, that is not the sole financial concern.

Dual Enrollment Homeschool Summary

I trust that helps! Keep in mind that in Washington State, dual enrollment in community college is funded by the State of Washington, and is known as Running Start. Colleges refer to it as "dual enrollment," and it is famous throughout the country.