Elementary Homeschool Fun With Slime Project

Elementary Homeschool

Elementary Homeschool

Elementary Homeschool fun with slime project. Boy right: That's Glue* laughter* Boy left: Right now? Boy right: Whoa! Boy right: That's a lot of glue Boy left: are we gonna wash off these bowls? boy privilege:? The boy left: Oh COOL* Giggle Boy right: Mines gonna look like... Boy Left: uhh it's not... The boy left: It's pretty much not even coming out! The boy left: I don't think this is big enough! Boy right: A TORNADO-OOOO WHOAAAA Boy right: I'm just drawing in the glue. Boy right: ... I'm not gonna eat it* Giggle* Boy left: OK, I'm pretty sure that's enough! Boy Right: Mommy, Here! Boy right:* GASP* Boy right: This is hot water ?? Boy right: Cold? the boy left: ew, now it's not even glue anymore boy left: I'm not sure? Boy right: Here Boy right: It searches cool! Boy right: What does it look like? Boy right: EWWWW MOM( background): Okay, now mix that up! The boy left: Until it turns into milk! The boy left: Sebastian, till it was transformed into Milk! Boy right: Mine is milk! Boy right,:* chuckle* Mine's milk! The boy left: Sebastian, Look at mine! Boy right: Can I ...

5? .. K! Boy right: 1, 2.. 3,4 son privilege: 5! Combination IT? The boy left: Mama ... mommy.. Boy right: Jack search it... The boy left: counting 2, 3, Boy right: It grows like ... son left: 4, 5 boys left: 6 Boy right: She mentioned 5! The boy left: I set 6.. Boy right: MEH, I'll just do one more Boy left: Now it's not milky anymore, mines transforming boy left: into,* LARGE GASP OF AIR* Boy right: What? Boy right: I know it moves like, blue-blooded! excavations, ..... blood! Boy right: HEY MINE TURNED PINK! The boy left: OHHH MY GOSH Boy left: that looks pink...that consider this to be pink milk! The boy left:* counting* 5 Boy right: Can I borrow this? Boy right: Can I borrow this jack? The boy left: Yes! The boy left: I hope this becomes to a really good color Boy right: 1,2..

Boy right: 3, 4 Boy right: 5 ... 6 Boy left: Ahhh the pinks only red.. Boy right: 6, 6 son privilege: 6 Boy left: MOMMY, it looks like a magical this Elementary Homeschool project Boy left: Pink, Blue color! Boy right: Gaze at excavation! The boy left: Mommy, did you are familiar with blue. The boy left: Annnd, Pink Turned. The boy left: Into purple? Boy right: Excavations STILL pink! The boy left: Mine's purple! The boy right: Mines Pink! The boy left: Mommy, I turned it into Purple! Boy right: I Become MINE INTO PINK! Boy right: That's My other one! That's Boy right: URRR OTHER ONE! Boy right: SHEESH Boy right: OOOOHHHH Boy right: You dump THIS into THERE! The boy left: NNNooooooo! Mom( background ): So, Move your bowl off to the side! Boy right: But it's not in the ocean! The boy left: It's not even moving! Boy right: Ya that's because it's at the bottom. The boy left: Ohh! Boy right: Combination it, mix it Boy right: Mix it, Mix it, Mix it( to a tune) Boy left: Do "we've got to" mingle it? Mommy: Combination it until it's all melted! The boy left:* GASP*.

oh my GOOOOSH Boy right: That looks like a pink Balloon! The boy left:* chuckling* look at Mine! The boy left: Chuckling* son left: Can I touch it BOY'S: EWWWWW* chuckling* Boy right: That experiences good! That seems cool Boy right: That actually seems cool! son left: OHHH MYYY GOODNESS Boy right: IT LOOKS LIKE GUTS! Boy right:* GIGGLE: EEEEWWW ... It looks like GUTS! Boy right: It's actually real gunk! The boy left: THIS IS COOOOL.....FEEL! Mom( background): This is borax..so don't breath it in! son left: Why ... why don't breath it in? The boy left: Could it kill you? BOY'S TAKE DEEP BREATHS. Elementary Homeschool

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