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- Home School, Are you going down the big move? - Yeah. - Let's do it Home School. - Whoa.( spectacular music) - Good morning, Home School. It is a beautiful date outside if you're into that sort of situation. -[ Bailey] It is kind of cool, and my feet hurt. - It's kind of cold, and Bailey's hoofs hurt apparently. Why do your hoofs hurt? Where are you? Where'd you go? You're hiding. - Because of Knowledge Box Central - Your Source For Homeschool Adventures!">the material. The concrete kinda hurts when it's cold. - Why don't you employed shoes on? This is a very simple solution. All right, it is a beautiful epoch. Even if it is a little chilly by our California standards, it is beautiful outside, and I just wanted to come outside and breathe some fresh air.( smelling) Yeah, that's the stuff. - How about some more fresh air from me?( gasping) - All, right guys, I'm super excited, because our friends over at Loot Crate merely sent us over this package, and I've always been strange about this company, and I'm elicited to open it up. We're gonna open it up in front of you. We're gonna do a full unboxing.

You'll get to see everything that's inside this Loot Crate. All right, so this is the first thing that was in it. It is a t-shirt that kinda looks like a Christmas sweater. This is a really cool box, this is a Halo 5 chest. It's made of metal. It looks like an old-time ammo carton, but you can use it as a lunch box. - Yay. -[ Jessica] Open it up, Jacob. - Whoa, what's inside there? - Han Solo? -[ Chris] What? It's a Star Wars Pop bobblehead Han Solo in his snow gear. - What's this? -[ Chris] Whoa, socks. - BB-8 socks. - I want those socks. -[ Chris] Look at those socks. - A pin. -[ Chris] So the committee is Loot Crate Galaxy, this month is Galaxy, but next month is going to be Space Invaders. This is really cool. It's a spot from Galaxy Quest. - What is Galaxy Quest? -[ Chris] It's a movie. It's really cool. -[ Chris] Oh hot, it tells you about each thing that we got. -[ Jacob] Oh. -[ Chris] That's awesome. So it gives you background on each thing, -[ Bailey] May I receive? -[ Chris] in the Loot Crate.

This is a code for a equip red jam-pack for Halo 5. So this is awesome, this is so cool. And then check this out, the box looks like this inside. I'm not sure what the hell are you do with it. Flip me inside out, it mentions.( upbeat music) Cool, that's a cool carton. Did you guys like what was in your Loot Crate? - Yeah! - I really like this Han Solo, he's so cool. - I really like the Han Solo, this and the chandelier. - I speculate my favorite thing in this, is actually this patch. This carry was December's pack. There's also a brand-new pack in January, which is called the aggressor's pack, and it has Space Invaders, X-files, The Fifth Element, Aliens and Mars Attack loot in it. So you certainly want to check that one out. If you click the link down in our description box, you're gonna get yourself a really cool Loot Crate every month, and you'd be helping substantiate our canal. I simply wanna suppose one more thank you to Loot Crate for moving that container and for patronizing this video.

All right, we decided to hang out at the ballpark. So now we're at the common, and ogle who's with us, it's Parker. I reputation you that, just so I could oblige that joke. - Yeah. -[ Chris] Yeah. - I'm wearing a sweater. -[ Chris] What? Are you wearing a sweater? - I wearing a sweater. Yeah. -[ Chris] That's very true. You are wearing a sweater. - I didn't create my bike. -[ Chris] You didn't bring your bicycle. - Yeah. -[ Chris] Next occasion, you'll bring your motorcycle. - Okay. -[ Chris] But for right now, chew this sandwich. It's delicious. What kind of sandwich is that? - I don't know. -[ Chris] You don't know. Is it yummy? - Yeah.( upbeat music) -[ Chris] Bailey, I precisely noticed that you decided to wear leg warmers today. Maybe you could have just worn throbs instead of abruptly and a leg warmer. - These aren't suddenly, it's a skirt. -[ Chris] It's a skirt. You went short on underneath. Right? - Yeah. What are you playing? It seems like you got - I'm playing doggie.

-[ Chris] So you're being a doggie. - We're playing puppies. Jacob's the make husband, and I'm the puppy. - Boo. Boo. Boo. -[ Chris] You necessity a thrust. You necessity a move.( soothing music) Whoa, nice leap. Are you ready for more moves? - Yeah. -[ Chris] You ready for more? Whoa.( laughing) Whoa. You get' em, you totally got' em. - Whoa. - Wheee - Are you going down the Home School large-scale slip? - Yeah. - Let's do it. Whoa! Oh, look at your hair. Look at Bailey's hair. Okay, let's put your hair, just employed it back. Just employed it right back. Hey, Come on, "hairs-breadth", threw it right back.

How deep are you planning on running? - Trying to go all the way to the bottom. - The sole of what? Cozy? - Yeah. - Oh, enormous. Hey is this yours. Is this your nutrient here? - Yeah. You better close it, or it's actually going to become a sandwich. Yes. -[ Jessica] This tournament appears awesome, you guys. -[ Bailey] Yes. It's not really marbles, we just made it different. This is no marbles. -[ Jessica] I enjoy it. -[ Bailey] We made a like a bit walls ribbon, so that wall ribbon so that they couldn't get in,( tittering) -[ Bailey] You did that. Jacob.( chortling) -[ Bailey] Again, we have to take out all of these. -[ Jessica] So how do "you're playing". - So you try to get inside. -[ Jessica] So it's like wax and thread. You obliged marbles, and then you made this out of ribbon. -[ Bailey] And tape.

( chuckling) Whenever you make another person come about or yours, or a whole bunch, you have to take out all yours. -[ Jessica] My goodness. - Yay. -[ Jessica] That's a cool competition people. - Hi, let's talk about what we learned today. We learned that Jacob can't handle too much fresh air. We learned that I chose my minors names specifically so that I could form stupid puns later on in life. And lastly, we learned that this is how Jacob get comfy. Thanks for watching everybody Home School post. We'll see you next time.( baby giggling) - Gopher. -[ Chris] It's a gopher. You gonna disappear view the gopher. Yeah. -[ Chris] Can you go show me the gopher? - Yeah.( soothing music ).

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