Homeschool Baby Curriculum-New Baby In Class

homeschool baby curriculum

Homeschool Baby Curriculum

Homeschool Baby Curriculum, Homeschooling can be such an overwhelming and daunting task when mom is teaching just one child, much less adding to the mix a brand new nursing baby in the house! Mom can end up quickly feeling like throwing in the towel on all of her hopes of schooling her children at home.

Homeschool Baby Curriculum The Pressure

First, let me take the pressure off of you by telling you that you are not alone when you are bodily and intellectually exhausted. Many homeschool moms suffer feelings of inadequacy when they just don't make it to the History lessons that were in yesterday's lesson plans. When there's a new baby in the house, things get difficult. Well, there's a new baby in the house! It disrupts everybody's sense of order and planned schedules.

Homeschool Baby Curriculum Slow Down

Stop, slow down, and prepare yourself mentally that there WILL be some chaos and disorder. Everyone in the house is getting used to this new bundle of joy and will be "analyzing" how to perform in an entirely new way. Your older child(ren) will be learning life skills and develop strong character traits that are essential to a joyful and productive life. If you can change your perspective on the disorder and inconveniences and see them as real opportunities for teaching, your older children will learn wonderful life lessons like:

Homeschool Baby Curriculum Baby Lessons

  • Changing diapers = Sensitivity to other's needs
  • Pitching in with extra chores = Teamwork, work ethic
  • Being quiet during naptime = Self-control
  • Waiting for mom's time = Patience, endurance
  • Taking 2nd fiddle for a while = Unselfishness, humility
  • Less sleep (baby cries at night) = Perseverance
Homeschool Baby Curriculum Siblings

Add to this list the priceless blessings of hearing your older child read their library book aloud to their new sibling, sing his latest song from his music curriculum, or teach her how to blow raspberries, and you can start to see that a new baby in the house becomes a complete homeschool curriculum unit study!

Homeschool Baby Curriculum Summary

Don't let these teachable moments slip by because you have a baby in your arms. Your new baby is going to be miniature for such a short time. Take advantage of it by bringing her front and center into the homeschool classroom, into the homeschool experience. Instead of trying to ward off the chaos, embrace it! There's no life situation that you encounter as a family that cannot become a real, hands-on, learning center. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!