Homeschool Book List For Boys Reading Curriculum

Homeschool Book List

Homeschool Book List For Boys Reading Curriculum

Homeschool Book List, Are your children spending hours in front of the TV? Do you wish they would use more time reading? From when the boys were babies, I've read to them. I'm not creative and don't come up with my own stories, so I have to turn to books. Here are my ideas for creating a book-loving environment: First and foremost, turn OFF the TV. If there's a choice between TV and books, the child will likely choose to sit in more time reading passively? Reading for pleasure, not just for school? I had a friend ask me recently, how I was able to get my boys to love reading books. Her boys seemed like they were allergic to books which were killing her. She loved to read and wanted her kids to feel the same.

Homeschool Book List-Make Time

So why do my boys love books? Do your boys prefer to sit in front of the TV in a mindless fog than pick up a book to read? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a child while they're staring at the TV? It just doesn't happen. Here we've decided that all computer and TV time can go on after schoolwork, then 30 minutes of screen time where he can choose to play video games or watch TV. Find what serves you and your family. What about when you want to watch TV? I don't. I have shows that I follow, but I watch online once the kids are asleep.

Homeschool Book List-Read Aloud

Read, read, and read aloud to them even when they're old enough to understand for themselves. This way, you can discuss what you're reading together. Read before bed, my boys never want to go to sleep, so they keep asking to read more books. Make it a routine, and it will get done. Let them see you how much you enjoy books, enjoy books yourself.

Homeschool Book List-Amusement-Likes and Concerns

Find what amuses them, one of my boys is really into sea creatures, so we take out non-fiction books with lots of pictures. My other son is into history and weaponry, not surprisingly, so he's been reading about the Middle Ages and their protection.

Book List for Boys

  1. Alex Rider-Anthony Horowitz's series
  2. Harry Potter-JK Rowling
  3. Young Bond-Charlie Higson
  4. Horrid Henry-Francesca Simon
  5. Flat Stanley-Jeff Brown
  6. Artemis Foul-Eoin Colfer
  7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Jeff Kinney
  8. Captain Underpants-Dave Pilkey
  9. The Cherub Series-Robert Muchamore
  10. Holes-Louis Sacar
Homeschool Book List-Rewards

Make books enjoyable, give them as presents or awards for things they've accomplished. My boys get so many playthings from other relatives so that we always end up getting the books or educational items for Christmas and birthdays which they enjoy just as much.

Homeschool Book List  Summary

What do I do with the children if the TV is turned off? Zip. You'd be astonished what boys come up with when they have to satisfy themselves. They build fortresses, play with their clay, make artwork and build with their LEGOs and STEM toys. Enable them to investigate their concerns, that way they refer to books to find more knowledge about that matter.  Keep lots of books in your homeschool library and your children will have the resources they need any time of the day.