Homeschool CLEP Prep-Earn College Credit

Homeschool CLEP Prep

Homeschool CLEP Prep

Homeschool CLEP Prep Getting college credit is not a thing you can only do if you stay enrolled in college. Entirely a few students receive college credit basically homeschooling college-despite the fact that they are still in high school, and summer is an excellent time to do this. My boys homeschooled college one semester right after their junior year when I needed to understand what they knew before applying to college. This helped us to be sure that they were placed correctly. They received all their college credits by CLEP tests over the summer, and it is something that you can undertake, also.

Homeschool CLEP Prep Study Plan

The first step to homeschooling college is to assess. The book that we found most valuable in this approach was The CLEP Official Study Guide. I had my sons have a look at the table of contents in this study guide and decide which of the evaluations they believed they might be able to pass. Then they took that chosen sample test, and if they received 50 or more, we realized it was worth cramming for the official test. A score of 50 (or sometimes lower) is a passing score on the CLEP, given that all of their intricacies are challenging.
The next thing we did was study, not to mention we invested in a learning guide for the subject range that they were planning to take a test. As an example, my youngest son's highest average in American History, so I decided to buy the REA study notes for CLEP American History and gave him one week to study it at his leisure. He would just sit there and read through his REA study guides during swim meets; it was not complicated, and it did not bother him in the least. Different people could do a small amount of study for half an hour or even an hour a day for a time just to see if they can get the best attainable score.

Homeschool CLEP Prep Testing

The next thing in homeschooling college is to take your student to the testing area. You will need to make an appointment to take the exam, and to do this, just go to the College Board website at. Find the CLEP  at the bottom part of the page, and find the communities near you where exams are given. Exams are tallied following your student completion of the test (with a couple of exceptions), which means you will realize before you leave what their total score is. Several schools give credit for CLEP scores in multiple ways. One college could offer your student five college credits before of 50 when some could carry only three credits for the same score. Ask the schools you are considering about their methods and score requirements.

Homeschool CLEP Prep Summary

Even though you can if you want to, you do not have to report your test scores to a college directly. That summer when we homeschooled college, we only sent grades to my sons' number-one university. We did this mostly because I was very sure that this school would be happy that I was keeping in contact with them, but we did not report scores to all of the additional colleges that they applied.