Homeschool First Day-Starting Homeschool

Homeschool First Day

Homeschool First Day

Homeschool First Day Alright, let's take Caleb to his homeschool classroom. You agitated? Okay, let's go in. - So, another friend hit me. -[ Jeremy] So, how you feelin' about the first day of school? - Pretty good. -[ Jeremy] You nervous at all? - No. But I'm sad that homeschool teachers that I know her name so well that she's going on a vacation, and I just can't, and the other one, I don't know her name. -[ Jeremy] So you have a replacement on the homeschool first day? That's a bummer. - And the second largest day and the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth and the seventh, probably.

-[ Jeremy] So Elise, what are you most excited about for going back to homeschool Academy? - Meeting my very best friends at Academy. I'm aroused to learn more stuff. -[ Jeremy] Which class are you most provoked about? - Um, likely social learns because we're gonna understand the better community, and we're gonna be doing elections some. -[ Jeremy] You gonna run for, what are you gonna run for? - I wanna run for president. -[ Jeremy] How are you feeling about academy today? - Good. - Well we are, and they are heading into school, and we induced it on time. Rating, win for the mama right here.

It was really merely sweet to talk to them about how they're gonna have an opportunity to reach out and find solutions to love others today and brand-new make friends, and I'm just excited for them. Miss Elise. Bye. - Bye. - Did you stimulate on your homeschool first day? - Yeah. - Okay, let's come in. Pass me a hug, chum. I love you, bye-bye. Well, the children did great get dropped off, and I'm just happy for this opportunity for them. It's such a beautiful mingle for our family. Homeschooling four periods a few weeks, and then one day of the week they come to this private school that has a home Academy enrichment program, and they get to enjoy being in their world-class with their friends and their teachers, and I just teared up on the way into the homeschool first day. I was glad I was wearing sunglasses so nobody could see, but I'm just grateful for what a blessing this is to our household, and I'm grateful for the kids and for those discussions we are having in the car.

They were talking about how they wanted to serve, and they wanted to find new friends, and that they wanted to especially look out for those that might be seeming left open or lonely or nervous or shy today and help them. They remember being the brand-new children last year, and so, this year coming in, they're already very well known the homeschool, and they're agitated to be achieved and enjoy and help their teachers, and I'm just really excited for' em and proud of' em, so sorry, that's like a sappy momma instant, but now Laura and I get to enjoy some time together.

I had was just thinking about putting her in a preschool or a something the working day so that I could have the day off to get some of my stuff done, you are familiar with, start grocery store without any kids, but some of those things fell through, and I'm actually genuinely grateful they did, because now I get to have a period with only Laura, and this is special time to have with simply Laura, because pretty soon there'll be a brand-new child. And "were about" reaching up Panera Bread for a late breakfast. You ready miss Laura? Let's go. And it's a breakfast with friends, which is even more merriment. - Can we devour here? - We can eat here.

Do you want some breakfast? - Yeah! - She ate breakfast at this morning, so this is definitely more of a snack.( giggles)( chuckles) - Laura, that signifies our meat is ready. Should we go get onto? Let's go get it. Alright, so I get this awesome breakfast sandwich and a fruit beaker, oh. I got it to share with you, Laura. Are you gonna take it?( cheerful guitar music) -[ Kendra] You readin' a journal? - And flannel-cakes and dragons. -[ Kendra] Is there flannel-cakes and dragons in that book? - And there's a fire.

De QA. The intention. - Oh, thank you, miss Laura. Well, Jeremy and I merely enjoyed a nice, quiet lunch on homeschool first day and now, "he's going to" unbox. - Shew. - This is an exciting moment. - It seems really pretty. - It does. So which one did you get, Jerm? - It's the Mac Book Pro. Let's see, how do you transform it on? -( Laughs) We're complete Apple newbies. - On. - The influence button. I would go with the power button. - Luckily, we have used iPhones and material, so. -( Whispers) There he comes. Alright, demonstrate' em the other stuff you got. - So I got the magic mouse. - We hear magical things about it. - I favor applying a mouse when I'm editing. It's harder to use a touch pad, and then we are really got a big monitor so I can editor on a observe, and one of the bigger key committees for button pushing.

- Anyway, I have been working on writing down my recollections from my first trimester with this baby, and so I'm hoping to film a video, like a first trimester recap, and put it up on my canal, Mom Stuff, and I'm almost ready to move it, and I wanna go take a nap, so I am so sorry. I hope I get that still filmed today, but firstly, I must nap. Alright, mister boy, how was your first day of school? - Really fun. - Really, what was your favorite persona? - Meeting pals. - What was that? - Meeting pals. -( Gasps) Very cool. What did you do with your best friend? - Play with them. - Did you have a quiet day? Did you lay on your blanket? - It was suffering. - Yeah, and what did you think of your educator? - Mrs. Hickum? -( Giggles) What did you think of her? - She was the best teacher in the world.

- Whoa. - Yes. -( Giggles) So, Caleb, did you obey? - Most of the time. - Most of the time? Good position, I'm really proud of you about that. - And I really like Dad's brand-new computer. - Do you? It's pretty cool, huh? - So in science, we learned about atoms, and we did an experiments with balloons, and we rubbed them on our gasps, and then we put it over pepper, and the pepper, it sticks to the balloons, which I thought was really cool, and in art, we did spray painting onto article, we played some really fun plays in PE. I really liked it. - Was it good to see your friends? - Yeah. I got some new friends. - So the issues to I ask the children when they get home from Homeschool First Day is what did you learn today, and how did you serve and desire others today, and it was really wonderful when they get in the car to interpret all their excitement about their school day, and they were all talking about the marvelous activities they did and the friends they met, and then they all volunteered, like, "Mom, and I did this to serve, " and "I observed this path to provide, " and I'm just really proud of them.

They have such beautiful hearts. -. I'm making food. - Are you making food? I can see that. What are you playing with? - Rice. - Rice. - Beth, you like it. Excuse me, Elise. I was utilizing that. - Oh. - Elisey, I feel like she considers she was using that pan. - May I have the next grow? - Sure! - So I try to put down a sheet to contain the mess, and it largely runs, but luckily they're in the kitchen, so I can sweep up any mess that happens, but sensory bins are Laura's happy place.

She asks for them all the time, whether it's noodles or rice. I wanna get her a bin of beans, and I'm really excited because we have some water beads, I think they're called, that we're gonna do soon. - Mom, my arm is lost. - Oh no!( waves of laughter) Search at that grinning.( gasp) - Ahhhh. - That was fun. - I wish there was a big tub and we could ... - Like, swim in it? - Yeah. - That would be cool. - Did you guys set up a Frisbee golf course? - Yes. - Yup. - We wanna practice so we can get good enough to go to the Frisbee golf with our Dad and our uncles. - Ow! -[ Jeremy] What happened? - A little bit of rice. -[ Jeremy] Yeah. - Alright, well it's a big day. I had to bust out the maternity carton. I'm nearly 15 weeks pregnant, but I get out this shirt as a maternity top, and, you are familiar with, it's the beginning. Time to shop for some cute, brand-new maternity clothes. - Alright, it's sports club again. Each week, Isaac and some friends get together after Homeschool First Day, and we play sports together. We're still working on football the coming week. - Ahhh! - This is a game that I made up called football tag.

Oh, Cubby, you got it. Duke, Isaac's going for the, ooh!( giggles) - So I'm down at an event at Qdoba tonight, Ed is actually hosting it, but there's a dinner, and then we're learning about Facebook Live and how to apply it, and I've never done Facebook live before. I'm provoked to learn about it, and I'm aroused to meet a cluster of the other people that are here. You know, they're all bloggers, YouTubers, social media people that are interested in Homeschool First Day that, so it should be merriment, and I'm excited about the food. Mexican food voices really good to me right now. -[ Jeremy] So how was Athletics association today? - Awesome.

I scored six touchdowns, an interception that led down for a touchdown the whole way from the touchdown, I also got two punt returns-- - Did you have fun? - Yeah, yeah. - So, another friend made me. - On the trampoline? - Yeah. - What happened to you? - I got a bloody nose. - Yup, Cub was bleeding ', but that's not that abnormal in our family, frankly, because bumps and bruises and stuff like that happen all the time.( rock music) - Well, the food was amazing. I'm so excited to take some dwelling to Jeremy, and I learned a lot about Facebook Live. Here's my idea. I wonder if it would be a good region for Jeremy and I to jump on and do a Q & A. What you guys should be considered that? You know what, let's do a poll. Would you be interested in watching a Facebook Live Q& A? Up here? - Good darkness, J House out. - So this is a pretty big time for us. It's been a long time arriving. - Ah!( laughter ). This is it for homeschool first day!

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