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Homeschool Haul

Homeschool Haul

Homeschool Haul Hi, everyone, welcome back to Project Happy Home, I'm Tanya and today I'm doing a Dollar Tree haul. I'm a big fan of the Dollar Tree. If you haven't traveled, everything there is a buck. I anticipated this was a good haul to do - I don't know that I'll do them all the time, but I anticipated this was a good haul to see because I got various forms of stuff. I have bought a lot of homeschooling things from the Dollar Tree - especially for the preschool degree, but today I happened to have an hour, so I walked around the whole store, and I picked up this and that.

There are way more things than what I'm going to show you here for preschoolers from my homeschool haul. They have a whole teacher's section that is always stocked year-round, not only at a back-to-school time. So if you haven't been to the dollar tree, it's worth going, especially if you have smaller kiddos. So only to give you an example of what kinds of things you can find there, it's not the typical dollar store, you can find brand-name things - so I picked up a couple of Glad snack pouch boxes for $1 a piece.

I also picked these in my homeschool haul, some first Halloween craft things, including these foam ghosts. I envision each pack comes with 12 and some pumpkins and I thought we could hang them from the trees around our residence. Here are some bats. I also picked up some orange sparkly pipe cleaners that we can use for aircraft and also hang these from the trees. Another thing I picked up for Halloween crafts were these cute ogre googly eyes. And instead of regular black backgrounds, they have these cute little multi-colored monster eyes that bobble about.

I also picked up - and this is the first makeup piece I've gotten from the Dollar Tree, so we'll see how it goes, but this is just a Wet' n Wild lipstick called Dark Wine. I thought it was a somewhat color, so I;' ll let you know how it goes. We are operating low-toned on matches - we continue all the bathrooms stocked with games, and these are 300 for$ 1, "you've been" can't beat it, so I bought a bunch.

I bought three bathtub paint soaps for the girls when they are taking their soak. And maybe G can use them too - he takes a shower now. But the girls should have fun. They are Crayola brand, so I'm not too worried about toxicity. N loves these. She's my three times old-time, and she loves these paint things for your fingernails. I don't, as "you see," generally do my fingernails, but she is as girly as they come, and she loves to put these on. So we sit, and it's our little time together where I do her fingernails, and she's got these little merriment structures. The last-place time she picked a blue glitter one, and they switch it up, so it's a fun little activity for us. They do have meat at the Dollar Tree - critical to know that some of the meat is good. I haven't tried these, they just Pennysticks Pretzels, but I required pretzels, so I anticipated I would get them.

More importantly, what I always pick up at the Dollar Tree is bread. Since they are carrying Nature's Own for $1. So I pick up two loaves, and I use them instantly, in cases where. I don't freeze these or anything, I go ahead, and they become my use-it-now bread. I get 3 of these, different colors, ball-shooters. They come with a little elastic cord, so they shouldn't pilot of into never-never land. I anticipated the children would have fun with these. These little junky playthings, they're merriment for small rewards and things like that when they do well or have a good day.

I picked up 2 secret agent spy kits with invisible ink pens that G should have fun with. This one has a decoder that comes with it so it is only when you look through the filter that you can see what you wrote with the pen. So those are all merriment little treats for doing well through the week. This I was stimulated about. They have - Teaching Tree is their own Dollar Tree brand for their education goods and this was just an Under the Sea alphabet domino game. Kind of like Zoominoes, you are able to link up, you know, P and you put puffer fish there and that's connected to an L so the next card you put down would be like lobster or lion or something. So that should be merriment for N to play with especially. I picked up some Big whiteouts because I thought this would be merriment for their children to are sufficient to maybe whiteout the remedy note or white out the incorrect notes or find a missing video thing or something like that, so only a merriment manipulable to do a regular activity.

As everybody knows, I cannot resist alphabet stickers, so I picked up more alphabet stickers - these are a little bit glittery, so those should be merriment for her to attain words and things like that. Some encouragement stickers. Like I articulated, these are all a dollar so genuinely good deals to be had. I picked up a couple of erasers - here's like a rainbow eraser, here's a "Not again! " eraser, which is easy for them to hold and use. Some puffy stickers for all of them, always fun - I got one that was zoo swine and one that was . . . I envision I picked up two zoo animal ones, and I might have picked up one that was ocean animals too. Here are some erasers only to put on the end of pencils. My children are pencil chewers so the erasers that come with the pens don't last incredibly long so I anticipated this would be good. Some cute pencil handbags that can be attached to 3-ring ring-binders. I expected including about I could use this for the ring-binders they carry to their coop, so they'll always have a pencil specified with them.

These are well attained. If you have school-age children and you want to get them one of these, again, these are just a dollar. Unyielding substance, there's no plastic to tear or anything. It's got this mesh various kinds of pocket in order to be allowed to see what's inside. Oh, here's my other eraser. I thought there was so cute. "Oops! " and "For Big Mistakes! " I kind of need one of these myself. Here are 3 of the same things so I won't show you. This is a compound words activity which I thought was cute - it comes with three kinds and a balloon and a hive. And the pictures for each are clouds, bees, and apples. And you have to match the compound words. So, for example, you have black and berry, and they have to put them together and articulate blackberry. Or subway and passport and things like that. Oh, and one of my favorites discovers this time were these things. A whole pack of sticky pennants - different flags and post-its and stuff like that for$ 1 that I thought they could use for little bookmarks in their workbooks and things like that, so this could be for them and I'll leave it pinned to the board.

I probably should have gotten 2 - one for N too. Maybe I'll pick that up because I only noticed they have a whole perforate part so they can steal it right into their ring-binder. Oh, and my favorite thing that I get, by far. My very favorite thing was these little bells - these same shopkeeper bells. And they have a nice ding. I had been looking at these on Amazon, but the cheapest one I could find was I envision $6.

These were$ 1; I get 3, one for each of them. And I thought it would be fun for them to click it when they're done with whatever job we're on to let me know that they're ready for grading. So as you can hear, they make an excellent delighting tone. I got a purple one, a black one( classic ), and a light-green one. And the same reasons I picked three different colors during my homeschool haul because they definitely would appreciate knowing which one is theirs. So this path there'll be no contention. But very pleasant little sound.

And I also got some college ruled article - you know I don't know that this is the best deal because it's 150 sheets of the article, but not bad. And college ruled article is still something I always use to this day. So that was my Dollar Tree Homeschool Haul, I expended about $50 on these things - I'm not showing you the candy that I bought and ate on the sly in the car on the way home. So, 50 items, about $50 - it was worth it in my opinion, and we should be using each and every one of these things this year as we hear together.

I am happy with my Dollar Tree Homeschool Haul; I go in about formerly a few months - I tend not to leave all the time because I start buying things that I already have multiples of, so I proceed in once a few months or formerly every six weeks, and that's plenty for me. There is a Japanese Daiso store opening up in our region soon, and I'm stimulated to go check that out. I've never been, but I've been watching Daiso drag on Youtube, and it seems that they have beautiful, like, high quality styled kind of items and a bit higher excellence plastic and things. Hopefully, when I first go there, I will do a Homeschool Haul for you. If you like this video and you want to see more of the same, please like it down below and don't forget to reach the subscribe button. Thank you so much, I hope you have a great day !.

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