Homeschool Journaling Ideas-An Effective Writing Curriculum

Homeschool Journaling Ideas

Homeschool Journaling Ideas As a Writing Tool

Homeschool Journaling Ideas, Many people think the idea of keeping a journal is much like keeping a diary. They discount a journal as an exercise for only young girls and novelists. However, a journal can be an excellent tool for any writer, and it can be for everyone from students to professionals. The key to a journal is to remember to use it and to use it regularly. When done consistently, a journal can become a writer's best friend.

Homeschool Journaling Ideas Notes

A journal is a loose word for a note-taking booklet. Journals do not need to be fancy, but they should give plenty of room for writing down your thoughts. Journals are usually places to keep free-form thinking which just happens to be written down. They can even be typed on a computer and stayed in a folder system. There is no right or wrong to how you keep a journal, but one habit that I highly recommend is to date every entry. Other than that, the only step to keeping a journal is to start writing in one.

Homeschool Journaling Ideas

The beauty of that skill, however, is that once you start writing, you will find that your brain kicks into high gear. As you are writing or typing, your mind will issue random ideas and thoughts. These thoughts will go into your writing which gives you a written record of these fresh ideas. From these real plans, you will find that many possible topics emerge. You may even want to star or circle the ideas that popped up as you were writing - the ones that surprised you or seemed worth coming back. Write as long as you feel inspired, but keep your thoughts going. Don't worry too much about the order of your ideas, or whether they make excellent arguments, or even if they are correct.

Homeschool Journaling Ideas Just Write

If you practice of doing this, two things will happen. First, you will find that your ideas come more quickly and more naturally. When doing a given a writing assignment, whether, for school or a project at work, you will have less trouble getting started because you will be in the writing habit and therefore, an assignment will not be daunting.

Homeschool Journaling Ideas Consideration

The second thing that will happen, particularly for high school students, is that you will have many new ideas from which to consider writing about in your journals. You may have "happened" upon an idea that was interesting at the time, and a writing assignment is a perfect opportunity to go back and delve into that topic a bit deeper. You probably explored some of the thoughts around that topic at the time that you wrote about it, so some of your "research" needs are already lined up.

Homeschool Journaling Ideas Summary

Thus, the journal becomes a writer's tool for expression, writing efficiency, and possible avenues to explore in future assignments. Journals are inexpensive, take little time to incorporate into your day, and will make your required writing to a new level of skill with minimal effort.