Homeschool Kids-You Will See The Difference

Homeschool Kids

Homeschool Kids

Homeschool Kids are different from public school children. That is why parents homeschool their children.

Hi, this is Michelle Caskey from If "you think you're" considering homeschooling and you amazed if you make the decision to homeschool if young children will end up being quirky then I only want to assure you that yes if you homeschool your children will differ than if you don't homeschool. Now, let me only elucidate that a bit. Children who go to school and are in that context where they are grouped by age, "they're all" expected to study these subjects, they're all expected to master substance in the same timeframe, and they're all taught different skills and different things in order to stir the classroom flowing with big class sizes - much better than in the average homeschool, patiently - then if they are homeschooled they're not going to be taught these same skills, they're not going to be taught these.


All these subjects. We're not all going to do it the same way. So, yes your kids will be different if you homeschool them. That is a good thing. That's part of the reason that some of us are actually Homeschool Kids. We want them to be different than they would be if the latter is forced into that mold that public academies try to force kids into. And I have written a blog post about this. It's "Five Ways Your Sons Will Be Different if you Homeschool Them." and I will link to that in specific comments so that you can find it. And those are all positive spaces that your Homeschool Kids will be different if you homeschool them. But I only want to tell you a couple of things that ... a couple of ways that Homeschool Kids are different when you homeschool them that are a little bit thwart. So, the first one is they don't know how to line up at the door. I remember when my boys were a boy and suddenly we would be in a co-op or we would be in some sort of a group where there were a bunch of children involved and they were told to line up.

My Homeschool Kids didn't realize that there should be some ... they should run to the front of the path that they should be speedy about it. They should try to get a good spot in line. And it's kind of silly now I think about it when I was ... when they were young and I was, you are familiar with, the latter are lining up for some booty or something and there was only 50 of them if they didn't get ... if they weren't one of the first 50 places in line they weren't gonna get that free thing and I would envisage, "Hurry up! What are you doing? Why are you slowly meandering into the path? " So, that is something that they don't hear. They don't just know that urgency. Get in the path and run get that free thing. You know, that whole survival of the fittest. Some of that is lost on our homeschooled kids.

Public School Kids

And as someone who grew up in public school that has been frustrating to be at times. Which now I look back and I giggle but that is something. They likewise don't inevitably learn how to tie their shoes as quickly as kids who have to put shoes on every day to get to the school bus. They don't learn as rapidly to keep race track of their own items. Like when you or your child is being sent off to the bus every day and they have a backpack and they have mittens and boots and they're hair and then they have all these newspapers and material at school that they need to be able to keep track of delivering back and forth from dwelling to school they hear to be responsible for their own items a lot more quickly than they would if they were at home in the public or in the homeschooling context. So, anyway, that's something that they don't learn as well.
They likewise, they don't hear to respond to bells. You know when I have a certain stimulus happen, let's am telling the telephone resounds, I have a tendency to jump up run to go get that telephone. And around our house when the phone reverberates I'm the one who's a jump-start to get it and everyone else is ignoring that music and I envisage part of that is because I was a situation that when you hear something echoing you jump up and "there's going" do what you're supposed to do. So, that's another thing that kids that are homeschooled they could care less. The phones reverberating and they don't really care. A buzzer reverberates they'd only look at me like I was crazy if I was like, "Ahhh, is necessary to switch subjects! " So, anyway, like I said that's all, you know, fun and games it's...

but, your kids truly are going to be different if you homeschool them and I would say that's a good thing. It is a good thing that our kids are different and like I supposed I will link to the blog post where I discuss this in more detail in the commentaries so be sure to check that out. And again this is Michelle Caskey from and I hope you have a wonderful period.

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