Homeschool Parents-The Twelve Types of Homeschool Moms

Homeschool Parents

Homeschool Parents

Homeschool Parents If you're currently homeschooled or were homeschooled growing up, you know that the unspoken hero is none other than your own mother. And we don't give the mamas out there enough recognition, you know? We actually don't. So let's hear it for the Homeschool Parents today, shall we? Here are all the different types of homeschool mamas that you have met several times in your life.

The blogger, mama. Mom, I finished my work. Can you drop me off at Billy's now? Just an hour, sweetie. I'm writing this blog post about my e-book. I gotta grab the affiliate associations, okay? Forget the e-book, Mom, let's go! Watch it, buddy. My e-book bought that 3DS of yours. The health mama. Can I get you guys anything to suck? Maybe a Coke? Oh no. Water's fine. We don't suck Cokes. Mom, it's been two years, though.

Please! The actual health mama. -. Surprise! I made you something! - What is it? Healthy muffins, all organic. Did you eat the muffins yet? That is ... messed up! The unhealthy healthy mama. Homeschool Parents, what's the WiFi password here? Oh, we don't have WiFi in this house. WiFi gives you cancer. I tried to tell him—the strict mama. Rise and glisten! Period to get ready for an early era of an academy. But Mom, it's only 6 a.m .! You don't know how lucky "you think you're." If you weren't homeschooled, you'd be getting up at this time every day. I know. That's the whole detail of homeschooling, Mom, and you're murdering it! The social media mama. Thanks for taking me to the movies, Mommy! Of trend, sweetie! Here, let's take a slide for my Snapchat. - Which filter do you want? - Uh ... I would rather ... I actually don't care, actually. Okay, penalty, let's do Facebook Live.

Here I am with my son! What'd you think of the movie, sweetheart? Tell the strangers. The religion mama. Mom, may I please get the game Minecraft? Mine-CRAFT? As in "witchcraft"? No, Mom, no! You construct things with your best friend! Tell me to ask you a question. Are there beings in this activity? No, I--I say! Don't you lie to me! They've announced creepers. - No. - Oh, please, Mom, can I at least have a Coke? The gossiping mama. Well, you didn't hear this from me, but Susan's daughter broke up with Margaret's son. And in the coming week, Margaret and Susan have to do cleanup together. It's gonna be awkward. Bless their centers. The "everything is educational" mom. Mom, do I have to do science today? ( SIGHS) Well, have you taken out the trash yet? No.

Okay, well, take out the trash and... notice the trees. Oh, I'll--I'll celebrate. - Well, you're done with science after that. - Yes! The hands-on mama. Okay, what is 7 epochs 6? ( Murmuring) If I do it in my sentiment ...( INDISTINCT) 42? Good activity! You're so smart! - Thanks, Mom. - I love you. I love you. The hands-off mama. Okay, it's time for Mommy's shows to start. Play outside. But I haven't finished English yet -- wait, what am I reading? Okay, see ya! The "as long as you get your homeschool sometimes done" mama. Mom, can I please go to Billy's house? Sure, as long as you finish your homeschool sometime today.

Okay. Mom, can I play video games for a little bit? Sure, as long as you get your homeschool done sometime in the coming week. Got it. Mom, can I play tennis with my friends? Well, as long as you finish your chores sometime before the fall, I don't see the impairment in it. Oh, rely upon me, I'll double up. So there you have it: the 12 different types of homeschool moms.

The only other type of homeschool mama that I haven't mentioned is my mama. She clearly doesn't fit into any of these stereotypes because she's perfect, and I love her extremely, very much. Thanks, Mom. Big news, people: CollegePlus has a new identity. They're now Lumerit Scholar Unbound, and they've built it even more affordable to earn a year of college recognition. You select the college you want to postgraduate from, and then Unbound helps you get the degree you miss from that college for thousands of dollars little. You can end up with 3 years of college for under $4,000 per year. But the best part of it all is that you can end chores from anywhere. While you're sitting on the sofa or while you're traveling "the worlds."

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