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Homeschool Physics

Homeschool Physics Hello, this is a shout out to all my prospective students in Homeschool Physics in the drop. I'm stimulated to have you guys aboard on it a bit about myself and the courses I'll be teaching. My call is Mister Frederick and if you're looking for a stodgy old professor character with a dress and fasten on sorry to disappoint but I am reaching out from trade secrets bunker here somewhere in the midwest, and I'll be learning my directions from here with help from my friend Albert.

Oops, everything's backward on webcam, see that. And of course from God Almighty as well. God is not an eagle. That's the national motto of the United States of American: In God We Trust. So, I'll be schooling two levels of physics in the fall I'll be learning what's been called mechanical physics. It's your basic stringent algebra-based college prep physics class. It's a bit of a misnomer because we won't just be analyzing mechanics will also be studying energy and DC tours. We'll conduct an investigation into Einstein's Theory of Relativity. We will also be analyzing vigor and momentum and a whole smorgasbord of Physics ideas, equivalent to your first year in college. In algebra-based physics class. If physics fights you, seems a little too rigorous, well then you're in the right place because I'm also schooling conceptual physics.

Conceptual Homeschool Physics is a difficult subject. It's all the same fun hypothesis but a little bit lighter on the maths. So, algebra 1 is probably all you'll is necessary to conceptual physics. For the mechanical physics perhaps want to have a strong understanding of algebra II, advanced algebra theories, and just a little bit of right triangle trigonometry. So, why take physics you might request. Well, first of all, it is fun but if that doesn't convince you, keep in mind that physics is basically the study of everything. Physic explains how planets move and explain how electrons orbit an atom. Physic clarifies energy moves through cables or not. And physics interprets pretty much how everything in the universe works.

You wanna know why the universe is here and is like it is well that philosophy and belief. If you want to know how the universe we live in labors, that's physics. It's basically an understanding of how God's creation parts and it's really exciting. So I'm happy to have you in my physics class. If you haven't signed up you better sign up fast. Categories are filling up as we are to talk. So I look forward to seeing you in the drop. Delight check out my Moodle for class information materials, and I will see you in the physics classroom. God bless Homeschool Physics online classes.

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