Homeschool Reading Comprehension Increasing Reading Skills

Homeschool Reading Comprehension

Homeschool Reading Comprehension

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Many students, when given a reading assignment, will look at the task only from the perspective of how many pages do they have to read, and how long will it take them to do it. They sit down and begin to understand after that. Linearly, they read from start to finish, get the job done, and move on to the next subject. This type of reading eliminates the element of recall, an essential part of the comprehension process.

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Assignments

Reading assignments seem to never stop for the student. As soon as they can learn, students are given reading tasks over and over again for many years. Most of the time, however, the parents and teachers who have been providing these assignments have been focusing on the pages to read, too, rather than on including recall assignments.

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Recall

Recall assignments will significantly increase the learning and comprehension of the student, and therefore should be a part of the reading work. Like note-taking, recall is a process where the student periodically stops the reading and summarizes what they've read in their own words. Depending on the text, this might be after every chapter or every section, but regular recall points should be included in the reading.

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Notes

Not only do the notes serve as evidence of the fact that the student did the work and read the material, but they show how well the student understands the information, too. When reviewed by the teacher, this helps to direct clarification and teaching, and for the student, it helps them to articulate their thoughts so that they can have a "check" on their understanding. Students should note critical terms or people in their recall notes, main ideas, and how the information in that section or chapter connects to what they have previously recalled.

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Assignments and Recall

Reading assignments, when combined with recall notes, will build a web of connected pieces of information that students will understand more quickly. They will be using their own words and asked to look for patterns in the material, and both of those tasks are critical to improving comprehension.

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Summary

If your students are young, begin teaching this as a part of any reading assignment. Let this become a habit for them. If your students are old, this will need to be assigned to a task until it becomes a habit. Either way, reading, and recall go hand in hand with genuine learning.