Homeschool Reasons-Why We HOMESCHOOL

homeschool reasons

- Homeschool reasons There are two main reasons that we decided to homeschool our children. - Ask mommy. Ask mom. - Alright, good morning. I seem a little bit better today, but my voice voices course worse. It's funny how "what's happening" sometimes. What note are we going to learn next, Lisey? - W. -[ Mom] Isaac, you are doing so awesome. - Especially with my tongue. ( mom laughs) -[ Mom] Does that help you concentrate? some homeschool reasons( Isaac laughs) - Kinda. -[ Mom] Alright, let's see Lisey's. ( popcorn popping) Shaping homemade popcorn on the stove is always so fun.

I adore the audios of the popping and watching it explode in there. And it's always enjoyable at the end when it's going crazy like fireworks. - It's coming! -[ Mom] It's coming! - Popcorn. -[ Mom] You like popcorn, don't you? - I wish you could pour it everywhere. You would need to buy a lot of benches and put them all around the flooring. - All around the country. -[ Mom] Kay, who wants some popcorn? -[ Kids] Me! - Big evil bunny has all along, sharp claw. Scritch-scratch, scritch-scratch, scritch-scratch! A largehearted sad bunny has pointy, yellow teeth! So today, we are painting. And we don't paint quite often; I think I get intimidated by it, or it voices messy. But I know it's important. I want to let my children have that invention, and that sensory suffers, so I found on Pinterest the other day I saw this different course of painting, and it seemed creative and fun, so that's what we're doing today. ( lighthearted music) Oh, that's beautiful, Sweetheart. - It's a cherry-red flower, with blue in the dot.

- So I'm the princess, and I have a pet pony. -[ Mom] So we've been discovering about the solar system lately, so we've decided to do some solar system artwork. Are you going to do a bug? And I am going to try painting how I experience, just for merriment. Well, that was a big success. I'm stimulated to paint again with them. ( lighthearted forte-piano music) So Caleb hears to do handstands in the middle of the flooring now. That's awesome, dude! Can you extend your feet up? - No, this is the only course I can stay up. I hold onto the flooring. -[ Mom] Good job comprising onto the flooring. Good balance, dude! Put those feet up high-pitched! Yes! Caleb! It was great! - This is Isaac's. -[ Mom] Alright, so today we are using this learning activity to learn about electricity. So, do you guys just knowing that electricity is? - Yes? - It helps things work. - It turns on light switches.

-[ Mom] It sure does. So first of the homeschool reasons, of course, we had to learn about exactly what electricity, what is a circuit, and we had to learn about what is an atom, what's an electron, so we've been embracing that. Now, we're going to inform you about the parts that make up a circuit. And then we'll see experimentation with building the projects. This is called a whistle microchip. Alright, so we just stimulated our first circuit. Lisey, do you want to push the button? What ?! Yay! Caleb, you become. Jeremy came home for a minute, and I adore that he likes to do the see activities with us.' Cause he jump-starts right in. - Okay, everyone, put on your two. There, transform it on. ( children chuckling)( upbeat music) Go.

What happened? - It's not working. -[ Jeremy], Huh. - Did I miss ... -[ Jeremy] Look at the instructions. - I missed something. -[ Mom] That's okay, we'll try it again. Good job. - No, I am a requirement to put one across this thing, then I'm done. I adore doing these types of discovering activities with the children; I learned so much about electricity and how our daily machines run. I understand it in a way that I never understood before. And, that's just exciting and merriment to me. - I don't know if we've ever mentioned why we homeschool reasons. And I just have been "ve been thinking about" it a lot today because I've just been enjoying homeschooling today. So, there are lots of good reasons to homeschool. There are plenty of great reasons to send your kids to public school. There are plenty of great reasons to send your kids to private school.

Every family has to find what works for them. And what works for our family right now is homeschooling. And we enjoy it. There are two main reasons that we decided to residence school our children: The first one is our educational philosophy. We like to see our children get involved in their see. We like them to be hands-on see, investigating, discovering, being creative, playing. And we check a lot of value in that, and them having the ability to ask questions and find answers. And we like being involved in that process as a family together. The further reason goes along with that, but we adore their parent's culture of it. We adore that we invest our days together, that the children have a period of their siblings and time with us.

We adore that we have flexible; we can do what works for our family's planned. We can take trips, and we can go on escapades and have that time together. Do you know? Life is short, so we're grateful for this season to be able to do this. For homeschool reasons, we're taking it one year at a time. Last time we loved it, we have enjoyed it this year, we're doing it next year, but we're going to take it one year at a time. When it stops working for our family, we'll find a different route to education that works for our family. You know, children are only children for a short period. We want them to have a chance to play and explore the world around them. And we feel like through our homeschooling field trip and escapades, and the time they have to explore and be children, they're able to make the most of that. -[ Jeremy] What are you making? - Pizza. - And Stromboli. These are just some of the homeschool reasons we have.

We're headed to the play Cinderella tonight, so I have to have dinner ready where reference is getting back from our activity this afternoon, so we're making it right now. - I did not even are well aware that we were going to the play. -[ Jeremy] You didn't know? We're going tonight. So I grew up doing theater, and each time I come to check a display, I adore it. It's fun. - So our nice and nephew are both in the play, and we're excited to realize them. And Cinderella is just a magical tale.   It is one of my first plays. ( happy, upbeat music)( audience heartening)( slow forte-piano music) -[ Actor] My call is ... Cinderella. ( audience clapping)( audience encouraging)( piano music) - How was the display? Good? She told me, "That was good. I watch it again." -[ Jeremy] That was so good! -[ Mom] Can you say, "Good job Blake." - Good job, Blake. - Thank you! - Say, "Hi Cinderella! "( Jeremy chuckling). Do you want to commit her a hug? ( upbeat, happy music) -[ Voiceover] Goodnight. If these aren't good homeschool reasons, I don't know what is.

J House out. -[ Mom] Do you guys see that? Laura totally cut her whisker.

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