Homeschool Science Fun-Fluffy Slime Eruption Science Experiment

Homeschool Science Fun

Homeschool Science Fun

Homeschool Science Fun Baby, it's cold outside. Baby, it's cold outside Look guys. 19 degrees out here. Welcome to the Carl and Jinger Vlog, we are out ranging some errands right now. Handling some Christmas cartoons to the post office that we need to get forwarded off. And then we are getting hydrogen peroxide because, in this blog, we are to be able to do an entertaining minors venture with Gage, Luke, and Kyle for their

And it was you guys that paved the way because of all of that, all of those funds, and a good component of that, plus its contribution, is all that constituted that happen. So it's because of the farm-family, Homeschool Science Fun right! It's because of Carl and Jinger, and all of you guys. There's going to be a family out there that gets to have a baby and hope everything is all very well, can't wait to find out what happens with all of that.

But, now you know. So, naturally what follows an explanation with all of this Homeschool Science Fun, is everybody wants to know what's going on with our following. All of that is still on the counter but as I announced, there is too many ups and downs, and every time we mention it in the vlog, we get a whole cluster of emails of parties saying that they can help and that they wanna promotion, and they wanna recommend us to parties but frankly, there's just too much spam and too many swindles out there, and so we're very, very careful, and we're just not talking about it very much. So, for now in the next foreseeable future, facilitating Jared and Ellie with their award and the IVF merely, that merely needs to be enough for right now and if anything changes with following I predict we'll let you know. -[ Kyle And Gage] Science experiment epoch! -[ Carl] Science experiment time.

We're going to learn Homeschool Science Fun how to break apart and split up molecules. Without utilizing dissolving, we're actually going to chemically thrust the molecules apart. Safety goggles, put your mitts on. - Safety firstly, minors. -[ Carl] The first venture is can they situate the mitts on? Can you situate the mitts on, Kyle? There "there's going"! Alright, they're ready to go. - They're so big-hearted mitts! -[ Carl] They are big-hearted mitts.' Kay, the first one that we're going to do is with potassium permanganate, we're going to use a high height of hydrogen peroxide to shatter those molecules apart. So, there's potassium permanganate, I actually sought that on Amazon, and we got this at the perfection give collect because it's what girls use to break apart the color in their hair to become blonde. Gage is going to go first, so he's gonna introduced his glass beaker, let's move it a little over to the side' cause it will get muddled. Add water to the bottom. - Okay. -[ Carl] So merely crowd it up to like, maybe right there.

- That's about good. -[ Carl] That's probably good, yeah. Now, for the potassium permanganate. There "there's going", that's likely good right there. Watch this. - Whoa, it diverted violet! - Yeah.( titters) - That is so cool. - Yeah! Whoa! -[ Carl] There we go. We're gonna incites that for about 30 seconds. Next, up is going to be the liquid soap. Lead ahead and situate a good squirt down in there. That's good, that's a lot.( titters) - It's got all over the eyelid. -[ Carl] Oh no! That's why you're wearing mitts and safety goggles, alright? - Yeah, don't want to sting your skin. -[ Carl] That's right. - Look, it's getting higher! -[ Carl] The more stuff you put in there, it's gonna conjure the different levels, yeah. So, here's the next fraction, we're gonna make all of this potassium permanganate solution, we're gonna break the molecules apart utilizing hydrogen peroxide.

Now, this hydrogen peroxide solution that we have is 40 loudness, clear salon-care professional stuff. It is only about 6% hydrogen peroxide and the regular stuff that you get at the grocery store is merely 3 %, but if this video is all very well and this venture is all very well, we'll try to get 40% hydrogen peroxide solution, and what will happen is this creepy foam will explosion clear up into the sky. So, we will do that in another video, but I have to require the right stuff for that. So, you're gonna crowd it up to about like right here with the peroxide, this is the fraction that can burn your skin if you get it on you. There "there's going", that's probably good. Settle the eyelid on. Alright, are you guys ready? -[ Kyle And Gage] Yeah! -[ Carl] Okay, as fast as you are able to, dump that in. Now it runs.( shouts) - Look at that! Whoa, exactly what we. Make me, can I stroke it? -[ Carl] Don't, no, merely let it go for a time. - Whoa! - That is so awesome! -[ Carl] Isn't that really cool? - That is so awesome. - Wow! -[ Carl] Okay, dump some more peroxide down in there, let's see if we can get it to go bigger.

Do you see how it rapidly deprived those molecules apart? - Yeah! - It's like curving brown once. -[ Carl] That's right. And then the soap is what constituted it suds up. - Okay, here runs some more. -[ Carl] Dump it straight in! -[ Kyle And Gage] Whoa! - It's going even more! -[ Carl] Isn't that chill? - Yeah! - That so fills. -[ Carl] So if we had a higher concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution, we could actually get that to shoot like 20 paws in the air. - That's gonna be amazing. - Up there, to the ceiling! -[ Carl] Isn't that chill? -[ Kyle And Gage] Yeah! - It'll go up to the roof. -[ Carl] That's right. That violet emblazon is really cool.

Do you see how it's turning the brown emblazon and everything? That's the oxidizing agent. So, you're gonna be careful not to swarm this like, all over the subside or it will turn your stainless steel subside perfectly brown. And you were supposed to rub it all out really hard. So, you can do the same thing, similarly, with yeast. - Yeast? - Really? - Yep! That's what we're gonna do next. Okay, time out really quick. Do you retain we did a previous video a little while ago, where we filled up a part bathtub full of fluffy slime?

Oh, fluffy shower! Fluffy slime shower! Whoa, that is cool inspecting, though. Oh my gosh, here develops the puppy, look out! What are you doing over there?( shouts) Well, we kept a container of that, that we put out in the garage. And we thought we would update you guys on what that looks like. Is it solid? - Pretty. -[ Carl] It is solid, right? - It's kind of like, squishy, you are able to protrude it. -[ Carl] Really? - Yeah. -[ Carl] Let's see if we can get it out of the container on the dirt. Can you flip it over?( titters) - Ow, it's solid! -[ Carl] Ow, that wasn't very smart. Now, let me see if I can get it here. -[ Gage] So, papa was trying to get wise out, so. - I smashed the container! Now, I'm just gonna try to break the container. -[ Gage] Holy poop, that vanished far.( titters) - Oh, it's cracked. -[ Gage] It's cracked? - Good thing these bowls are exclusively like, a dollar at the dollar collects. -[ Gage] Yeah, that's. That was actually a good thought to the application that bowl.

That's actually a really good thought. You scared me! -[ Carl] We're gonna have a mess to clean up, right? -[ Gage] Yeah. Dad got it. Still, a couple little parts protruded to it but we intention up going it off. -[ Carl] Look at that, view, you can see the foam. - Why does that appear, what? -[ Carl] Look at that. -[ Gage] That is so weird! - That is really cool, I did not expect that. -[ Gage] Yeah. -[ Carl] Look, gaze! -[ Gage] Whoa! Whoa! Wait. -[ Carl] That fluffy slime is like a rubbery sponge inside. -[ Gage] It is cold extremely! - I know, it's like all frozen! Terrifying! -[ Gage] Wow. -[ Carl] Okay, Gage. Now you gotta. - This is our end result! -[ Carl] That's the final result, now we know what happened to the fluffy slime.

And we know what happened to Gage,' begin now he gets to scavenge it all up. Ha ha ha! Discipline! Don't you hit me with that, don't even. For the next venture, we're gonna do a similar thing, we're gonna pour hydrogen peroxide down into this long, crazy-looking vessel. - Is that good? - No, a little bit more, be very careful, don't get any on your skin, okay? Keep going.

There we go, that's likely good Homeschool Science Fun, I think. Next, we're going to introduce some food coloring in, which we have right there. We're gonna do red-faced. - Four, five, six, seven, eight. -[ Carl] There "there's going". Okay, swish that around and get her mixed up. Discipline! - It looks like blood. -[ Carl] It kinda does, huh? - Yeah. -[ Carl] Next, is the liquid soap.

We're gonna introduced this soap down in there. Support the glass Gage, so he doesn't inadvertently knock the whole thing over. - It's hard. -[ Carl] Get it down in there and have some Homeschool Science Fun. That's probably. likely good. Next, we're gonna, no, don't run that in hitherto! You gotta follow the instructions. You're gonna put about three spoonfuls of yeast. - Three spoonfuls. -[ Carl] And then we're gonna stir that, for about 30 seconds. -[ Kyle] One! -[ Carl] Yeah. - I virtually thought he situates it in the wrong thing, - Two! - I thought he was supposed.

-[ Carl] You're making a big mess, bud! Move your glass closer, there "there's going". What -Homeschool Science Fun Three. -[ Carl] Okay, stir that up really good. Spout it down in! Move the move when you get it in there. - I got it in! Move it! - Whoa! - Wow! -[ Carl] Isn't that crazy? - Wow! - Yeah! -[ Carl] Look at that suds volcano! Homeschool Science Fun! - That is so cool! - It looks like something from Mario Kart. -[ Carl] Look at the steam coming off, view? Can you see that steam arising off of there? Look, on the top, you can see it looks like fume arising off of there. - Yeah, I can see it. -[ Carl] Don't touch anything,' cause it is giving off heat. Seem at that. - It can still smell the. Stinky, lousy oatmeal. -[ Carl] Does it?( titters) - It smells really bad. -[ Carl] We need to get more potent hydrogen peroxide, so we can film this frothy slime like, clear up into the aura, huh? - Yeah.

-[ Carl] Isn't that thrill? No, let's not given more in, we have plenty in there. It's going really well, actually. Very cool, huh? - Yeah! -[ Carl] Isn't that chill? - Yeah! - That is magnificent! - It's coming out one line-up now. -[ Carl] Yup. -[ Jinger] You know what my favorite part of this is? - What? - Your goggles!( titters) -[ Carl] I know, right? - Get some science up in this house!( titters) -[ Carl] When we spouted the yeast concoction down in, did you discover the chime it constituted? - No, I didn't. - It was leading blub, blub, blub, blub, blub, blub, blub. - Oh yeah, it did! -[ Carl] It merely started sounding clear out the meridian. - Ooh, that's warm in there. -[ Carl] Is it warm? - Yeah, this one's warm too.

- Alright guys, thanks for watching our crazy minors slime science experiment where we explosion molecules and distinguished molecules right here at home, make sure you have a grown-up to help you if you try this at home. Thanks so much better for watching, click anywhere on the screen that is intended to subscribe, and to watch more videos, and we will see you guys next time. -Homeschool Science Fun.

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