Homeschool Support Network-Ten Resources

Homeschool Support Network

Homeschool Support Network

Do you ever get the idea you are all alone in your homeschooling? Finding a support network may make the difference between success and failure in your homeschooling adventure. Unlike the beginnings of contemporary homeschooling, support abounds for homeschooling today. Use those that meet your need today and keep the others in mind for the future.

Homeschool Support Network List

    1. Family and Friends - Begin by thinking of those around you that support your endeavors. Having a supporting spouse and other family members provides someone who you can bounce off ideas, asking for suggestions and prayers. In the beginning, those individuals may not support you, but seek out someone - closer and then go farther away until you find someone who can be your "homeschool buddies." Many of those antagonistic family and friends will change their minds when they see your success.
    2. Internet and Library - Searching on the web or exploring your public library will provide you with a wealth of information. From books like The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling by Vicki Brady to actual curriculum materials are at your fingertips. Remember to ask your social media friends about resources they have found.
    3. Local Meet Up Groups for Homeschoolers - While on the Internet, search for a Meet Up Group for Local Homeschoolers. Some meet up for field trips, for play at a local playground or other activities.
    4. State Wide Homeschool Groups - By searching for your state Homeschool Groups, you will find the website of some organizations. First, take a good look at the websites of these groups. Consider joining one to support the right of all to homeschool. Second, find the homeschool law for your state on this site.
    5. Local Support Groups -- Also, you may see a list of local support groups on the statewide homeschool organization website. These support groups meet for different reasons and around various themes. Some have speakers for parents to hear about different homeschool topics. Others have field trips and activities for the children. Depending on your area, you may have a choice of a support group in which you will participate.
    6. Home School Legal Defense Association - Consider becoming a member of this organization as it will provide you the legal support that you may need at some time in the future. You will also find the homeschooling law for each of the states.
    7. Classes and Courses for Home Educators - These provide the homeschooling parent the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge to more confidently teach your child or children. Your statewide homeschool group will probably give you information about these courses.
    8. Cooperative Homeschooling Programs - Some parents have joined together to provide classroom experiences - usually weekly and taught by parents. The cost is low because the teachers in coops are the parents. Searching the web will lead you to coops in your area that fit your child and family.
    9. Testing and Curriculum - Measuring progress or testing (required by law in many states) will give you guidance in choosing curriculum. Often your statewide homeschool organization provides you a list of test and curriculum providers.
    10. Extension Programs - Many schools (accredited or not) offer services to homeschoolers - some in person and some online. These programs will usually cost money, but not as much as a private school. You get the best of both worlds by teaching your children in the home while also having the guidance of teachers.

Homeschool Support Network Summary

Take advantage of all the resources available to homeschoolers today. A successful homeschool takes a little determination and a lot of input. Find help anywhere you can find it.