Homeschool Toddler Crafts and Activities!

homeschool toddler

Homeschool Toddler

Homeschool Toddler crafts and activities. Hey, guys, it's Amiyrah today we're gonna be talking about toddler art crafts and activities that aren't messy. Yes, they do exist we're gonna share a duo with you today. And I can't wait to get started. If you haven't wished to accede to Millennial Moms ensure that you are doing so down below. And if you enjoy videos like this throw us a thumbs up and tell us to know in the comments so can we can do more of these for you. Our first homeschool toddler craftsmanship is a sensory pouch. So we're gonna expand some color for this one and we're also gonna use some gel.

You can use Aloe Vera gel or fuzz gel. Grab a gallon freezer luggage. And residence in your color, only a few squirts. I did a little bit too much here.( bright xylophone and guitar music) Lay the container flat, try to get as much air out as possible, and close. For the next sensory bag, we're going to use the gel. We're gonna use some flash and we're also gonna use those googly seeing down there on the flooring.( bright guitar music) Add as numerous googly sees as you want. Don't forget the glitter, shake, shake, shake. To make this, even more, merriment you're going to tape these to your window of alternative.( bright xylophone and guitar music) By taping it to the window you give your kid a chance to play without making a mess.( bright xylophone and guitar music) Our second spacecraft is a homeschool toddler guitar. It's made from rubber bands and a loaf pan. These are fun because they can strum the little guitar or they can put pom-poms in between the rubber bands.

( bright xylophone and guitar music) Lastly, we have an alphabet pizza. Using magnetic alphabet bits and a pizza pan both from the dollar store, your kiddo can have so much fun with this and not make a mess. Plus it's portable. I hope you enjoyed those toddler crafts and activities that won't make a mess. Also if you wanna realize our videos from yesterday, be sure to click right here. I\.

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