Homeschool Tutoring-Teaching Kids How to Sound Out Words

Homeschool Tutoring

Homeschool Tutoring

Now we're going to do homeschool tutoring to sound out the word. This is the most basic skill; this will come back over and over and over for the next two, three years maybe so make sure you go slowly and clear and don't worry about repeating as many times as is practicable until your child catches on. Start with a consonant, vowel; the consonant is often basic, so we'll take the simplest parole of all, cat. Now what we do is Homeschool Tutoring will give the child an extra boost for reading. First, we cover up everything, but the c and your infant are memorizing their word chimes, so he or she answers kk, using them to say it clearly and aloud and then the vowel goes strained, kkk, aaa, kkk, aaa.  Don't let them do anything else hitherto, just kkk, aaaa, kkk, aaa, and then eventually add the ending, kkk, aaa, tuh, and then you ask them, what is that words and they enunciate cat.

Now you can do Homeschool Tutoring to show them for the first few but eventually very quickly you want them to do all the work themselves and they should discover to covering with their paw, of course not the way I am but they'll cover with their paw, everything but the first word and sound it out. We'll do another one. And at this time I also like to swap up the vowels a lot and the consonants, I don't like to do all a's or all e's. So this one, have them cover up all but the first word, go ahead, tell your child music that out, ppp, iii, good, make sure they get that iii clearly, they don't make it music eh or anything else and now make it together, pp, ii, nnn.

What I tell them is, in the beginning, is we unfold it out but after we get to know it we construct it, we pinch it together, p i n, rod, rod. And then we just say it, one syllable, rod, and what is that parole? Pin. And make sure they know that this, in the very beginning they might enunciate rod like you fry on the sauteing rod, that tells you they don't quite know what the vowel is yet, make sure it's ii and not aa or anything else. So until they tell you to pin, oh, like you lodge a rod in a rod cushion, that's when you know it. And do that very carefully. It might seem like you're dragging it on. Don't worry, go slowly, travel carefully, do it over and over. This is the most important foot in hearing to read and write.

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