Homeschooling Curriculum Kids Make Slushy Iced Cold Drinks

Homeschooling Curriculum

Homeschooling Curriculum

Homeschooling Curriculum Hi guys! - Today we're going to make a special video today for you Homeschooling Curriculum! What are we going to do, Alessa? - We're going to make a DIY slush! -[ Cameraman] DIY slush, right. Do you want to explain to us what DIY slush is first? - DIY, firstly text, means do it yourself. So mostly we're going to doing do it yourself slush! Now slush, I'm going to explain it to you. If you don't know what it is, which I'm sure most of you do, then here is an explanation.

In my opinion, slush is a cold glass with smell and ice inside. -[ Cameraman] Okay, bright. Ayesha, do you want to tell us what is slush, or what you think slush is, so the onlookers can find out? - So, it's called a syrup. We simply have blueberry and the cherry-red one, which is I don't know what flavor is it, but I'll get it until their own families know, so yeah. So basically, you're saying that it's like, you can get syrups, feelings red and off-color, and mingle it with liquid. And it's like frost and cold, is that what you're saying? - Yes. -[ Cameraman] Right. So should we go represent some then? -[ Girls] Yeah! - Let's get stimulating some DIY slush! -[ Cameraman] Let's go! - All right! -[ Cameraman] What are we doing now, people? - We're going to clear crushed ice at home. - So, any easy-going tip to reach crushed sparkler is, if you have one of these freezers like we do, you simply put it on crushed sparkler mode. Then you are able to push it over here, and what we're looking for is something just, we're looking for a 500, so that's like something exactly over the 4.

So, this is how it comes out. It says move here, so if you push it, humiliated frost should come out. Now, what I'll be watching out for is something merely over the 4. Okay, let's start this.( ice subduing) - So this is what it should turn out like. -[ Cameraman] Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!( titters) I think you've gone well over the four. - This might be a bit over the 4, but if it's a little bit over, then don't worry, it will be okay. -[ Cameraman] So basically, if they put too much in, - Yes -[ Cameraman] they need to fetching Homeschooling Curriculum down to 400 ml. - If you put too much in, it's not to annoy, merely is a requirement to reproduce and introduce it down to 500 ml, - Bring it down to 500 ml. which is just over the 400 MLS. -[ Cameraman] Okay, brilliant. What's going on now, Alessa? - What we're gonna do now is we're gonna move two cups of water, because what you will need is 400 mile of ocean spouted into the frost, and you need 400 mils, so that's to say that's two slushy cups.

-[ Cameraman] So basically, those two beakers harbor 200 mils each of sea. - Yeah. -[ Cameraman] When you run that irrigate into the jug, you're gonna have a 900 mil potpourri of ocean and frost. - Precisely. -[ Cameraman] All right. - So let's start. Let's get running the liquid in. -[ Cameraman] Alright, Miss Ayesha. - So we're going to put the ocean in it is currently. -[ Cameraman] Cool. All privilege. - And you should just get a perfect mixture there. -[ Cameraman] Okay, let's have a review. Okay, people, I couldn't help observing, that even though you put in the front and the water, it's still simply coming up to 600 mils, but it should be 900 mils. So what's going on there, Alessa? Do you want to explain? - Now you shouldn't worry about that. It's okay if it hasn't proceeded straight away to 900 mils because the sparkler has gaps in it, so it's harder. So even if that happens, you merely maintain lending more ocean till it gets to 900 mils.

-[ Cameraman] Okay, Ayesha, do you want to go first? Do you want to pour in some more ocean? - Yes, satisfy. -[ Cameraman] Alright, go on then. Croak for it, go for it, I'll tell you when to stop. Stop stop stop stop stop stop. Travel on, more more more, a little bit threw more in. Exit on, go on, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. Right, so we've got to 800 mils now. And we need a bit more, satisfy. - Two more. -[ Cameraman] Yeah. - So I'll be adding a little bit more liquid inside this homeschooling curriculum project. -[ Cameraman] Go on, go on, go on, go on, 900 mils, okay stop! Okay, that's perfect! - You won't precisely necessitate two full bowls. You'd maybe necessary just two and a quarter cups. -[ Cameraman] Basically, whatever you need precisely to fill in the gaps.

- Basically, whatever you need to fill in the gaps you are able to contribute. -[ Cameraman] Okay. - Hey, Alyssa! What else do you need to move the slushies? - Now, all we need is a blender and some slushy syrup. Now the slushy syrup, we've got from HT Sweets, but you are eligible to buy it from eBay. Now, these you can get in lots of different flavors. Today we have Blue Raspberry, and Kola Cube, but you can get them in many more tones, such as Cherry and Apple. -[ Cameraman] And what flavor will we be becoming today? - Today we will be using Blue Raspberry. -[ Cameraman] Ayesha, what's your favorite color out of the two? - My favorite color is Raspberry. -[ Cameraman] And why is that? - Cuz, it's blue syrup, and there's also a blood-red syrup too. -[ Cameraman] Is it savory? - Yeah, it's really tasty.

I really like the blueberry one. - Okay guys, so the combination is six area sea, one portion syrup. And the example of that is if you include six parts of the sea, then you'd add one part of slushy syrup. -[ Cameraman] So it would be like six beakers of liquid, one cup of syrup. - Exactly. -[ Cameraman] Okay, brilliant. Do you want to say anything about that, Ayesha? - So let's start right now. -[ Cameraman] Okay.( titters) - Okay guys, no we're going to start mixing all the ingredients together. Let's start by opening this. Then, you spout all the irrigate and a sparkler in first. And then, you'd warm your glass of slushy syrup. -[ Cameraman] Alright, okay. Will you maintain this while I, yes? Ayesha, how are you? You alright there? - Yeah. -[ Cameraman] Okay, you're not fine left out, are you? - No. -[ Cameraman] Right, okay. So here "there's going". Alyssa, are you able raising that up a little bit? Elevate it up, raising it up, yeah.

Let's keep it there, keep it there, keep it there, keep it there, keep it ... Right. Okay, so now-- - Now we swarm this in -[ Cameraman] Take it on top of here, and then let it go. Go run go go go travel. - That should slowly exactly move a bluish coloring. -[ Cameraman] Yeah, let it all drip out. - And you should make it drip out. -[ Cameraman] Yeah. - Just to make sure all the liquid's gone in properly. -[ Cameraman] That'll do, that'll do. Travel on and introduce that in the sink.

- And then, you top it up once you're done. -[ Cameraman] Close that cover for you. All right, what we doing now? - Now we're going to set this on top of here. -[ Cameraman] All right, so let's just come around here. And you're going to make that on top of here. Just help you out there. You alright? - Finally, the moment that we have been waiting for!( blender flowing) - Hi guys! -[ Cameraman] All right! - What hour is it right now? - It's savor meter! -[ Cameraman] Okay people, are you ready to appreciation this nonsense? -[ Girls] Yeah! -[ Cameraman] Alright, let's get this poured in. Right, here "there going". Mmm, Juicy Lucy. Can't wait. Here "there's going". Alyssa, are you looking forward to this? -[ Ayesha] Yeah! - Definitely. -[ Cameraman] Ayesha? - Yeah, this is going to be amazing, people. You better try this at home. -[ Cameraman]( giggles) It's not very expensive, this homeschooling curriculum? - No, it's not really expensive. -[ Cameraman] I think you can get a whole one of them syrup things or scI think it's about 10 pounds, isn't it? -[ Girls] Yeah.

-[ Cameraman] Yeah, and you are able to realize quantities and quantities and owners. So it's just brilliant this homeschooling curriculum. - Just you have to buy a few ingredients, and that's really it. The remain you can do at home. -[ Cameraman] And it's really nice to do it in the summer if you've got like - Especially in the summer. cousins coming around and kids coming around. - Who's this one, who's this one's homeschooling curriculum? -[ Cameraman] Well, the one with more is for me.

And the one with less is for you two.( titters) Okay - And to top it off, two slushy straws. -[ Cameraman] Yeah. - Are we sharing? -[ Cameraman] Nope, one each. Okay, so here they are. One second, hold on, hold on! -[ Ayesha] It's time to call in the experts! -[ Aleesa] That's us. Okay, let's get doing this. - All right! -[ Cameraman] Come on then, demonstrate us a judgment. - Mmm, on a proportion of one to 10, I hold it a 10,000.

-[ Cameraman] Wow, brilliant. - I establish it a 100. -[ Cameraman] Woo hoo!( chortles) - Yahoo! - Yahoo! - We hope you like this video. -. And recollect to like and subscribe. - And leave a comment down below. Homeschooling curriculum Bye! - Bye !.

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