Homeschooling Gaps 1st Grade

homeschooling gaps

Homeschooling Gaps

Homeschooling Gaps Hey, there. It's Caleb at Chances are you came to this website because you're doing something around homeschool and curriculum. Well, one of the things we've had a challenge with, is we do a lot of things in our homeschooling, starting with this iPad, we do a lot--in fact, kind of a tug of war--but we do a lot of that with tracking our Khan Academy, tracking our recorder practice, so many things we do on the iPad. We have these music volumes here that we use for music, I have some grammar volumes here that we're working through on grammar. We're reading. The latest library journal we're reading is Encyclopedia Brown. Through all of that, I think I've got a pretty good program that we've set off, but I worry sometimes that I might be missing something.

Now, I developed an answer for it though and if you're an American and pay your taxes in the past, you probably paid for this solution already, it's already available to you. It's called the Common Core. What the Common Core is, before you say," Oh, it's awful" no, it's something that's been created by a cluster of educators that are really "I've been thinking about" what's age appropriate to be learned. I'm going to show you how I use exactly what he kind of complex and difficult to follow and streamlined it in a way that I can look for cracks in our son's homeschooling. I'm going to go to a screen capture right now, and at the end of that, I will share the Common Core tracker I have with you absolutely free. I start with the Common Core and you can do it yourself to go and check, here's the URL: I went over here to reading high standards, you can see there are two standards, there are standards for English Language/ Arts and Literacy Standards and Mathematics Standards.

Looking at the English Language Standards, which is where it was beginning to get confounding for me, as I said," Wow there are all these standards ." Well, don't worry, I took a lot of time, we looked at this, and they are really these six here in the middle that you need to worry about. This is a seven-year-old, first-grade person here. In the reading literature, we go right down here and determine at Grade 1, there's a list of all the things that the people that developed the Common Core think that one needs to know how to do.

For instance, here we have asked and answer questions about key detail in a text. Retell tales including details and demonstrate an understanding of their center content or lesson. Describe attributes, settings and major--so on and on. What we did, and you can see that there are about ten different standards here, I took high standards from such areas, also from reading informational text, there's are criteria here, another 10 listed.

Then onto Reading Foundation Skills, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Language. I took all of the English Language/ Arts Standard and I set them into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet right here, "you're seeing", I just facsimile them over. It asks and answers about key details in the text, retell narratives including key details and demonstrates sense, on and on. We set them all in this spreadsheet -- all of the reading standards and, as I scroll down the Math Standards are down here as well.

There are the Math Standards. The Math Standards are pretty straightforward, use addition and subtraction within twenty to solve term both problems and the standards no homeschooling gaps here. This template I'll make available to you at the end of this short video, but what I did with the template as I ran and imitated it over for our son's situation. Taking those same regions, I wrote down the programs which we have our son doing. Grammar Galaxy is a grammar phonics speaking program, we have him do some see on his own, Khan Academy for the math and some journaling that we have him do.

I merely started checking off boxes where I thought that it addressed a zone of the Common Core. In some areas, I recognize, down here, for instance, this one here didn't get checked off. Avoid homeschooling gaps by cautiously monitoring your curriculum. Know and use various text features to pinpoint key facts or information in a text another way to prevent homeschooling gaps. Grammar Galaxy, Reading or Khan Academy or Journaling did anything, but I recognized as I was going through this that he adores his Star Wars Encyclopedia, there are plenty of key facts or datum in that encyclopedia, so I might be able to make that accommodation by getting a little more involved with him and his Star Wars Encyclopedia.

We talk about it all the time, so it's probably not much to add it on. What happens here then? I have these activities and I started and generated a Daily Progress Sheet and for our current programs, these are things that I believe that our son should do each day. Grammar Galaxy, Reading, Khan Academy, Journaling, he can either do some depict or rule recorder and expert or play-act and he has a daily objective of a section of these things, 1% betterment here, ten convicts in journaling twenty minutes. At the end, if he does those goals or if he completes those he gets twenty minutes of electronics usage. Now what I done is dates here, I'm going to give you a snap shooting of our Goal Sheets that we've had in the past likewise at the end of this so you can see how they genuinely run, because I only develop this for you, but we write this out and I slap it on the fridge and he was able to check things off as we go along. You have your dates going on here and then we have a consummation goal and completing the book for the Grammar Galaxy or finish Encyclopedia Brown or these various completion aims and then the rewards.

He's in the background here directory, some of these rewards we already kind of have planned. so it's just up to him to go and figure out how to fill in for homeschooling gaps he needs to complete these activities to avoid homeschooling gaps. These are hopefully a big enough carrot, they're a big enough occasion for our son to say," I want to do this ." He hears a bit, he gets to enjoy a little bit and from my back, that's how "the worlds" operates. But all is mapped back to that Common Core where I can at least feel comfy that I'm not really missing too much in my son's education.

The next thing you're going to get is a couple of snap hits of what the current tracking or past tracking and future tracking spreadsheets look like or current tracking spreadsheets looking like. Be careful so your child does not have homeschooling gaps.

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