Homeschooling Gifted Children-Help For Struggling Parents

Homeschooling Gifted Children

Homeschooling Gifted Children-Help For Struggling Parents

Raising a gifted child can be a frightening and baffling thing. I homeschooled two talented kids, and I understand how difficult it can be. If you have been bestowed with this situation too, I want to inspire you with my expertise. When my first boy was born, and my obstetrician handed him to me, she gave me the best lesson that I ever got, the only help that I required for being a mother. She told me to understand my son and believe in myself, and that everything would progress from there.

Homeschooling Gifted Children Talented Kids

As a parent of a talented kid you also have what it takes to parent and teach them.  Because you are the love-giver and not just a caregiver; you're the person that has this responsibility, and your child was meant to be born as part of your family. As long as you make sure that you understand your kids, trust yourself, and do what is right for your child when the situation arises, these techniques are going to be the way you deal with all of the children in your family.

Homeschooling Gifted Children  Expression of Talent

All kids have talent which is expressed in different ways, the term 'gifted' generally refers to kids that are able to learn more complicated tasks, learn more quickly, and learn at an earlier age. These children remember more, they understand abstract concepts and understand them earlier, they have a passion for interests, and they can do multiple things at once and do them well.

Homeschooling Gifted Children Definition

The professional definitions of gifted vary vastly. One expert said that you need to have an I.Q. of 130 or more. I've tried to locate I.Q. tests, and that's not easy to do, so it's not helpful! Another expert said that the top 2.5% on standardized tests are gifted. Others say that talented children perform two grade levels above their age group. Of course, some kids are talented but don't test well or are not compliant, so that evaluation is not without flaws.

Homeschooling Gifted Children Comparing With Other Kids

As you think about the idea of 'gifted,' it's not wise to discover the definition by comparisons. If your child is exceptionally gifted, there is always another child who's smarter. There are kids out there who are going to be more talented, maybe not in all the same areas, but at least in one thing. Your child may be gifted at the piano, but you'll find somebody else who plays the violin or sings better.

Homeschooling Gifted Children Summary

Discovering the definition of gifted is not going to have an effect on your child, or who he becomes. Whether you use the label or not, it becomes your job to decide whether that label is essential for your child and their goals and whether it will be helpful to you as you parent and homeschool them. Know your child, trust yourself.