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Homeschooling Hacks guys welcome back. Today's a little bit different because I'm gonna be doing more Homeschooling Hacks of a vlog-style video for you guys. - Hi. - This is baby Jude. He's not really a baby anymore, you guys. Thumbs up if you guys can feel me on that, and calling your minors babies even though they're not babies anymore. He's gonna be two in two months, but I thought it'd be merriment to do a little vlog for you guys. We're hanging out at the house today, I've got some stuff I gotta to get out of here, and Fiona's got dance class, we're gonna operate a do a mom-to-mom meet up from Facebook. Do you guys have Facebook radicals, like mom-to-mom radicals that you buy stuff off of? We have that locally and it is a life saver for saving fund and receiving a great deal of substance and invests for your minors,' cause they germinate out of it so fast.

So, that is what we're up to today, and I thought it would be enjoyable to take you guys along with us. Ezra, what'd you exactly do? Did you? - Yeah. -[ Jaimie] Oh my goodness. Are you a big boy?

- Mhmm. - When did "you're starting" peeing in the bathroom? Three nights ago? You're right, it's been about three days. You're so big-hearted, high five dudes. One small step for humanity, but a monstrous change for our family.

Oh boy. Are you guys skateboarding together? Yeah, are you doing some chill tricks? Oh boy, okay people, all right. Whoa, hey, get a little crazy over here. All right you guys, I'm gonna take you downstairs and I'm going to tackle this room that we have in the basement because it needs to get cleaned. I feel like it's the catch-all for acts that don't fit the girls anymore, for events we don't want their children to get into. We simply throw it all in this room and we fasten the door. So, I need to go in there, I need to declutter, I need to clean it, unionize it, so wish me luck. All right guys, here's the damage. This is the catch-all room, it's embarrassing, but we're gonna clean it up and it's not gonna look like this, but it's gonna take some duty. All right guys, so we did some severe damage in here. Oh my gosh, it seems so, so different after all. There's still some trash I gotta go across. I've got a pile of getting rid of, don't need, run through stuff.

Jude, what are you doing? - Basket. - He saw John's box of notebooks that he needs to go through too. So, we're gonna head upstairs and have lunch.
Homeschooling Hacks
I feel complete having this room a little bit cleaner than what it was.( mellow music) So Jude lastly is sleeping and we're doing some homeschooling membranes with the girls. The boys are really little, they are three and four, and so we're homeschooling them right now and we usually have to do it right when Jude's sleeping because if Jude's awake he's into everything and moves crazy, so it's nice for the kids to have time to the only kind of focus on Homeschooling Hacks themselves and be able to work on some worksheets and do some assignments while he's sleeping. - One, two, three, four, five. - This adds draw the word civilize and the color of the learning. Recollect how you traced the word set right there? All right Ez, what one does that cookie accord? Oh, good enterprise. The good undertaking, chum. All right, people, we made to her dance class which is a miracle.

I the descent of a suitcase of clothes to my lover because she has a newborn that is a little son and I have lots of boys invests for my boys, and I noticed, you guys right now examine, so do you view my one side? And now look at that hand. One is coated and the other is not. But you guys, if you don't shop neighborhood mom-to-mom places on Facebook, you will be required to. I just got this enormous handbag of clothing. This is all maternity robes for $10, $10. Some of these shirts in there is $20 to $30 a piece retail which is crazy. So you guys right now, you will be required to shop, patronize your mom-to-mom locates because they are worth it. Hello guys, we manufactured it home.

The minors are taking a tub and being crazy. I think that we're going to go downstairs and watch Moana after they're done with soap period, and then I'm gonna sign out, so I hope you guys enjoyed today's vlog. If you missed yesterday's video, you can go ahead and click right here. If are you gonna interpret more videos from me, you can go ahead and click up here, and if you're not subscribed to Homeschooling Hacks yet, you can go ahead and click on over here. I've gotta head back in that shower before "they're starting" going too crazy.

See you guys right now subsequently, byes-byes Homeschooling Hacks.

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