Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits For Homeschool Kids

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits-Improving Learning and Memory

Learning and memory is a recurring issue in homeschool education. New research suggests it can be more attained merely by utilizing the concepts and techniques of interdisciplinary scholarship. Modern home-school curricula show and maintain that learning and remembering facts about subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, or astronomy, is more easily achieved when using interdisciplinary learning methodology.

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits Concepts

It is possible to restructure education to enable a child to both associate and remember what he has learned in new settings. Interdisciplinary Learning readily applies knowledge from numerous disciplines to more effectively teach children information on a single subject. The child's ability to relate multiple topics to each other enables a student to correlate and remember the academic subject matter more effectively while recognizing and applying the new concepts on a multitude of different levels. This associative way of learning becomes an exciting process to increase knowledge for the child and opens the mind to create innovative reasoning at an early age.

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits

These new developments in the study of learning were unimagined even just a few years ago in our nation's educational systems. This new approach to education will help home-schooled children better develop a moderate to a deeper understanding of the facts they are garnering, and better able to recollect the information.

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits Science of Learning

Learning is a process of forming connections between familiar stimuli and responses. The motivation to learn to happen through emotions like excitement, or the availability of external forces such as rewards and punishments. When a child receives rewards when he recalls information he will remember it, he will associate that memory with a series of positive reinforcements. If a child is happy about what he has learned and positiveĀ reinforcement happens at the same time he remembers associated facts, it increases his ability to understand and comprehend what he learns and remembers fully.

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits Details

Textbooks have details that students are expected to memorize. The ability to think and solve problems depends strongly on how vast the body of knowledge is on the subject matter. A list of disconnected facts organized around essential concepts does not teach a child. The ability to understand and transfer information allows the child first to associate, and then remember the previous connections. Learning becomes enhanced when existing knowledge and beliefs are the starting point for new instruction and comprehension.

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits Active Learning

To make interdisciplinary learning a positive experience, the child must take control of her study process. For a child to fully understand information, she must become an active learner and be taught to distinguish between the skills that work and those that needĀ improvement. A student becoming skilled at taking control of her learning becomes more and more confident. As this confidence grows, the process of active discovery enables the child to use more and more interdisciplinary techniques to acquire information from a variety of different subjects further.

Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits Summary

As a child begins to apply this building process, he increases his level of knowledge to learn new things more efficiently, and better remember what he has learned. The learning experience becomes more comfortable and more appealing, and thus, more rewarding. The application of interdisciplinary learning in the homeschool environment has shown positive results both with the ability of children learning new information.
Interdisciplinary Learning is a proven technique that dramatically enriches the educational environment of the home-schooled student. The importance and relevance of interdisciplinary learning and memory retention in homeschool education are becoming better understood and more widely utilized by parents and teachers.