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Math Magic

Math Magic

Math Magic How predictable are you? Let's find out in this video. In front of you are the numbers 1 through 16 To get started, I want "you've got to" pick a number You can pick any of these sixteen amounts But you should remember which amount you've picked It might help if you click it as you'll need to remember this amount for the rest of the video. Now I want "you've got to" select two seconds number.

And I crave one condition: I want that amount to be in a different row and a different editorial from the first number you've picked. So if you picked the number 10 as your first number, the next amount you pick should not be in the same row, and it should not be in the same editorial. So you can select from any of the remaining numbers that are not in the same row and the same column as the first amount you've picked I likewise crave you to remember this number so remember the first number you've picked and the second number you've picked You're gonna repeat this process: pick a third number that's in another row and a different tower from the first two numbers you've picked.

So you don't want this number to be in the same row or the same column as either of the first two amounts you've picked. So now you've picked THREE different amounts and I wish you to remember them because you're gonna have to do one more thing I want you to pick a fourth number that's also in a different row and in a different editorial. from the previous three number, you've picked. So if you've followed along accurately, you've now picked FOUR numbers, and you played according to the rules where they are in different rows or in different editorials so your amounts might end up appearing something like this. So you've got your four amounts and I crave "you've got to" ADD up these four amounts so there's no way I could've known what the first amount you've picked, or the second number was, or third or the fourth. But nowhere sees a prediction. Add up those four amounts you have and here is what my projection is: My prediction is the sum of your amounts is 34.

Am I correct? If you want to know how this math Magic trick works, you can follow an associate in the video description where I describe the mathematical proof in a blog post. Thanks for watching this video delight subscribe to my canal, I make videos on math and game theory, you can catch me on my blog: MindYourDecisions which you can follow on Facebook, Google+ and Patreon. You can catch me on social media @PreshTalwalkar And if you like the video, please check out my journals There is a detailed description of each book in the video description Math Magic.

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