Mental Math Strategies-Vedic Math For Homeschool

mental math strategies

Mental Math Strategies-Vedic Math For Homeschool

Mental Math Strategies, If you are thinking about using Vedic Math for your children you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • How can ancient people mentally do math operations that we can only do today with a calculator?
  • How can these people do long division with a simple one-line solution?  A problem such as converting a fraction 1/19 into an 18 digit answer.
  • Why in the study (AI) artificial intelligence is this math used?
  • Why is such a simple system used by INTEL for computer chip design?
  • Can your child do these calculations?
  • Is the traditional math education limiting kids intelligence?

Mental Math Strategies

You are homeschooling your teen in Math. You feel you can instill better values, character, and education to your children. You want to give the Best to your child. You want to provide quality which is unattainable in schools. Imagine how your child would feel when he immediately realizes that you are teaching him powerful ways to do Math Calculations without any extra burden on the both of you. In fact, he would now want you to take the Math Classes more often so that he gets a hang on to these new systems.

Mental Math Strategies

This system of teaching Math can help your family. This math concept can give your child the values you want them to develop. The only requirement is knowing the multiplication tables up to 9 to begin learning.  You can do this easily without overwhelming your child. Once you teach him how the technique works he will be on his way. It's SO EASY!

Mental Math Strategies-An Example

65 x 65 = ___ It is quite simple since both digits start from 6, so you take 6 and multiply with the next number 7 which gives you= 42, the first part of the answer and take 5 and multiply by the next units five which gives you 25, so the final answer is 4225. Try 85 x 85 now. Answer 7225. Try 95 x 95 =  9025  with the same technique. It is the easiest and fastest system ever. The technique increases the speed of math calculations by over 1200% even tricky calculations are done quickly.  In as little as a week, you will be able to teach your homeschooler how to do this calculation easily.

Mental Math Strategies History

The answers to the question by this article, in the beginning, are by understanding the ancient Indian method of High-Speed Vedic  Mathematics.  Tirthaji (1884-1960) who taught India in Math and Sanskrit Philosopher who wrote and spoke perfect English. He reached the position of Pope in India, toured the United States in 1958 giving math talks in Stanford, Cal Tech and even MIT and rediscovered the math which can solve every known math problem mentally and faster.  It is mathematical, scientific and global and has nothing to do with any religion. No wonder it is being used by students from around the World of every origin to make their math calculations easier and is getting popular. Even NASA, INTEL, and Microsoft are using it for the high-end applications of Vedic Math.

Mental Math Strategies Summary

A Look at this High-Speed Vedic Mental Math tutorials and slideshows confirm the fact that it is indeed a miracle waiting to happen to your child. Any teenager can learn Vedic Mathematics and enhance his numerical abilities. It helps the students not only in traditional academics, but it also increases the IQ by improving the analytical skills and thought processes. This happens because the system is very coherent and intuitive and uses both sides of the brain thereby giving the student the winning edge. Is it very satisfying to see young children? eyes brighten when they look at and learn the High-Speed Vedic system and techniques.