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Middle School Latin

Middle School Latin

Middle School Latin is a subject that some children have a difficult time learning. Online Latin makes it easy for kids to learn at a good pace and helps them enjoy the language. Latin needs to be spoken to make it useable to students. There is ample opportunity to develop the ability to speak and write with fluency.

Salvete and therefore welcomed Latin with Mrs. Henry. In this brief introductory video, you can find out what your middle school student is anticipated when taking this course with me. Middle School Latin is designed to introduce students to fun vocabulary words as well as some extremely basic grammar. We do a lot of projects and activities together in all areas of the school year to aid students to get engaged and excited about hearing Latin. Although Latin is not spoken in a few places, Latin gives your child a working ability of how language works. This knowledge will be taken to his English studies making him an outstanding student.

The only textbook your student will need to succeed in this class is a Latin dictionary. This will allow him to learn the language as needed. Looking up words and phrases for his lessons. New words are used each day and your child will develop a huge vocabulary in a very short time. Your child will develop the confidence to interact with Latin Reading materials.

I highly recommend this one called the New College Latin and English Dictionary. All homework assignments are pointed by me throughout the school year so there's nothing for Mom and Dad to worry about when it is necessary to Latin. I hope you will be joining us for Middle School Latin. If you have any questions please experience free to email Homeschool Connections. Thank you so much for watching. Valete!

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