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Mom Hacks

Mom Hacks

Mom Hacks: Super Simple Behavior Chart for Kids, Hey hey, Jordan Paige from Millennial Moms here, that's right, represent. As many of you know I'm a mama, I'm about to have my fifth child and my oldest is exclusively six. So in our residence sometimes we have a lot of little sass, outlook, hostility, outbursts, you can imagine. And it seems like one of them determines all of them off and it's just like ugh. As a mama, I know that I strive from time to time with behavior editions. I mean they're minors. Over its first year, I'm pretty sure I've tried everything and I eventually detected "the worlds" simplest solution. Before I share my secret sauce, don't forget to agree. And be sure to give this video a big thumbs up.

Mom Hacks Behavior Frustrations

Behavior can be so frustrating since we are wanna remedy the questions but we want to do it in a positive, uplifting, educational route and not just beat them because that's illegal. The theory for this behavior plot is so simple. Here's what you need to do, grab yourself some colorful paper, crafting paper, scrapbook paper, or you can be like me and simply grab whatever the heck you find the effect you simply moved a pair days ago and you don't know where anything is. Grab some scissors, permanent marker and grab yourself some clothes bolts. You can simply do the standard brown ones or they sell these cute colorful ones at spacecraft storages or even these cute Illi bitty newborn ones, so tiny. Establish one row per child, you are able to altogether customize my mom hacks, don't think too hard. And don't magistrate me because let's be honest I don't make concepts cute, that's Tay's job proceed to watch her video every Tuesday if you require cute, deceitful material,' kay. On the row write each of your minors names so that they each have their own strip.

Mom Hacks Simple Tricks

Then all your gonna do is write counts one through ten. You can do this in regardless, you are able to make divisions and hue all sections a different hue. I decided I don't really like this cause it started to look like a football field. I don't know, simply pick something okay. And then it's really so simple, all you do is you take a clothes bolt and start on one at the beginning of each week. The sole purpose of this behavior plot is for every child to make it to the amount ten by the end of the week. Which in our pedigree we decided resolves on Saturday. That's it, it's seriously so simple. Then throughout the day and in all areas of the week as they exhibit good behavior notice it and move their time up.

Mom Hacks The Chart

And similarly, if they do something not so good, much much, their time moves back a number. If they make it to ten by Saturday then they get a wage. In our pedigree we've done these different ways, we trade off and about every other week we'll do a family-wide honor like a movie night time and anyone who acquires it to ten gets to stay up late watch a movie, we have plows, we have popcorn, I'll proceed to buy a new movie, we make it really fun and exciting.

Anyone who's nine or lower they go to bed and they miss out. But remember it's really important to find the very best material, you require young children to replace, that they're motivated to do better the coming week. And then the following week maybe we'll do more of a person who is wage like this week, for example, my four times old-time truly wanted to earn this princess makeup so this is likely to be her loot if she makes it ten.

Mom Hacks Motivations

My younger son's gonna get one of those five dollar Lego kits. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant it doesn't have to break the bank. The loots should really is 5 dollars or less. It is really important to notice the good behaviors, it's easier to notice the concepts they're doing incorrect and ignore the times that they're doing something right. So this chart truly helps you focus on positive affirmations just as much as rectifying bad behaviors, possibly more. These mom hacks charts work really well for minors of all ages, even adolescents. Find what motivates them, maybe it's toys, maybe it's coin, maybe it's screen day, enjoyable outings with parents or pals. Whatever it is finding what motivates your child independently and truly capitalize on that. Now if you have younger minors maybe three and younger, you may need to adjust this a little bit which is totally fine.

Mom Hacks Summary

Maybe they give a sticker as one of my mom hacks so that there's immediate wage every time they move their time up. And then when they get to ten they get something bigger. Nonetheless, you do it, it is the simplest, simplest plot ever and it truly wreaks. So there you go, "think you're gonna" try this? I wanna know, tell me in specific comments below and then if you do try it tell me how it goes. I'd love to know if it works for you as well as it works for me and anyone I know who's tried it. Don't forget to subscribe and give this video a big thumbs up. Go watch Tay's video from yesterday and Michelle's videos tomorrow, she's got enormous mama hacks and plans you don't wanna miss it. I'll see you same day same lieu next week, peacefulness, I'm out. -[ Both Kids] Bye bye-bye. - See you next Wednesday. Alright, Mom Hacks.

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