Online Homeschool High School-It May Not Work For Your Student

online homeschool high school

Online Homeschool High School

Online Homeschool High School Distance learning will mean spending time at the computer - and teenagers LOVE computers! What to do when they enjoy being online too much?

Online Homeschool High School

One friend of mine has a sixteen-year-old who is taking distance education with an online Gifted and Talented group. She is always online with her computer.  They use the Net Nanny, but there are still many places on the internet that prevent her from doing anything except school work. I know this mother is not alone.  How can parents keep their children on task with schoolwork?  It is so easy to get sidetracked when you are online! Plenty of excellent things to do and check out! Particularly with talented teens, who are uninterested in schoolwork.

Online Homeschool High School Monitoring

When your student isn't using an online educational program, there are ways to remedy distraction.   You can limit computer time or take it away completely.  Some parent set timers for their child's online computer use.  However, doing this is difficult when the child goes to school on the computer.

Online Homeschool High School Distraction

Many gifted children are easily distracted when they become bored with schoolwork.  Make sure that the child is working at the appropriate level for each online class.  Be conscious of your child's distractions and eliminate them where possible. Spend part of the school day interacting with your student.  Explain to him you own battle with managing time on your computer.  When a teen is asked to explain it to you, there is more of a chance he will follow his advice.

Online Homeschool High School Evaluate

You should ask your child if the online lessons are a good match. Find out if your child would prefer to have you teach a class rather than doing it online.  You may think that an online homeschool is a perfect solution, however, it may on be a good match for many children. It's possible that your student does not enjoy learning online. From time to time you can have your student work offline with pencil and paper.

Online Homeschool High School Summary

For some children, an online education may be an invitation to do as they please.  Make sure that you are in the same room while he is doing his lessons.  This way you can keep track of his progress.  You may discover that an online education needs to be replaced with regular homeschool lessons. If this is the case, it may be possible to just supplement your child's education with online classes which are difficult to teach in a homeschool setting.  If this is the case it is better to find out early so there is no lost time or gaps in your child's education.