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Penny Boats

Penny Boats

Penny Boats All right, so today "was about" designing Penny Boats. They're able to use toilet paper flattens, rubber bands, straws, and aluminum foil. We're gonna see how many pennies we can get them to encumber.( upbeat music) I am cherishing this inventive process! Isaac, tell me about it. - So, some you put in now, and some you put over here, some you put over here, some you put on the side.[ Caleb] Look! - Some you put under now. -[ Kendra] So your strategy was to fix a lot of room to apply the pennies in. All right, we are to be able to measure our Penny Boats and see how well they swim and see how many pennies will fit in each ship before they sink.

All claim we are now researching Caleb's boat. It's holding one penny right now. Two pennies!( singers sped up) Get another one!( singers sped up, mingling together) Three . . . -[ Isaac] One more. -[ Kendra] Uh-oh! We're going to call the ship submerged. -[ Elise] One more! -[ Kendra] One more, and she'll is currently under 50!( Kendra and child development laughing) Okay, to continue efforts to get wise in the boat this time, Lisey. 50! Oh, it capsized on 50! 27! 28! Oh no! 20 -- -[ Isaac] 20.

-[ Kendra] 28. 28 is what it was. Good job, bud! Here's my boat. Let's see what happens. Ready?( singers sped up, counting pennies) 145, 146, 147, 148 Oh no!( Kendra and child development laughing) - So, Kendra's been telling me about these penny barges, and she has requested me. She wants to see if I can beat her chronicle. How many pennies did you have in there? - 148 represents the number to forge. - So I don't know what she used. I have no notion of what is and is not allowed. And so I'm going to continue efforts to come up with something. We'll see. -[ Kendra] All right, Penny barges before dinner. Lisey, tell me about your intent. -[ Elise] So, the pennies will go under.( Caleb exclaiming) -[ Kendra] Caleb -[ Jeremy] He's so scared of balloons.

-[ Kendra] I'm so sorry, sidekick. - He's so afraid of balloons, and one sounded right in his front. -[ Kendra] Aww Ooh, Isaac, your large-hearted walls. I think you're on to something. -[ Jeremy] He craves another one. -[ Kendra] You crave another one? - Do you have one in your hand? So every ship should have an epithet. -[ Kendra] Ours all did. -[ Jeremy] Did you all name them? -[ Kendra] We all did, person. - So I have attained White Trash.( Kendra chuckles) It has a newspaper sheet inner core, surrounded by Wal-Mart plastic suitcases on the outside, and there's some aluminum foil on the inside for good luck.

So, my Penny Boats swims true-blue and vigorous. So in my family, ripening up, we had a lily-white vehicle that we called Penny Boats. And I reflect one of my brothers got hit in it a couple of periods. I don't remember exactly how, but it was a very appropriate epithet. I drove it for at least a couple times, and several of my brothers did. So, today, my penny ship sails in cherishing the memory of White Trash, the car, and that's a good memory. I love appointing autos and barges and children and animals and occasions like that.

Cubby!( Caleb laughing) No!( laughing) What are you doing? - I determined it now. -[ Jeremy] Do you swim? - Yeah, verify. -[ Jeremy] The contrive was not to get into the liquid. What are you doing? - My head is all wet. -[ Jeremy] Oh, did your clothes get all wet? How'd that happen? He's so proud of himself. - Wet party! -[ Jeremy] It's a humid gathering. It wasn't a wet mass. You did that earlier today. This "re supposed to" really be a boat-floating gathering, you silly goose.( Caleb vocalizing) Oh, your ship looks beautiful. Let's be honest, I reflect we could apply Laura in now, and she would swim, so, come on. -[ Kendra] Should we just drop em all in? - Yep, let's see. You ready?( pennies clinking) -[ Kendra] Woohoo! - Cubby, you want to try to sit in it? - I'm not going to say that on camera.

-[ Jeremy] Yeah, I know. -( Kendra laughing) I'm not going to say that on camera. -[ Jeremy] Kendra's epithet for her ship was Penny Boats. This is a PG show. - All claim. Ready? -[ Jeremy] Yep. - 17, 18, Stop it! 19, 20. Wait-- -[ Jeremy] Wait, hold on, it's still there, though. You could still apply more pennies in. It's still actually disappearing. - 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, -[ Jeremy] Yeah -[ Kendra] 26, 27, oh , now they're shedding out. -[ Jeremy] Okay, yep. -[ Kendra] 26! 126! - So I'm just outside defining up some sprinklers, and "that's one" of the things I love about our backyard, it being right up here against some timbers. I'll be walking along, and I find animals in our grass all the time. But, search, there's this beautiful, charming little baby. My bunny, just right here, just right next to me.( upbeat music ).

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