Quick tip to get outside more this summer

Hey! it's Crystal Wagner with Triumphant Learning. On today's Triumphant Minute I would like to encourage "you've got to" get outside more. The days are starting to warm up, we are able to be outside and genuinely enjoy the weather. We accompany exercises outside as soon as we are in a position in the spring, we set up some hammocks on the trees, and the girls get to lounge in their hammocks while I'm reading lessons or while they're reading their independent learning or working on a writing assignment. But then summertime reaches and it is hot. And we don't want to be outside as much because it is hot. Well, one way that I help encourage us to get outside is to build our strength. By starting now and get out when it's beautiful, and standing out as much as we are in a position. Feeding meals outside, doing exercises outside, playing, going to the ballpark, maybe only hanging out outside doing whatever "it's by" we would have been doing inside, like playing with dolls, or reading a notebook, or working on a crafting project. By doing who are currently while the climate is warming up we'll be constructing our strength so that by the time summer rollings around it's not quite as bad as it would have been, it won't be as much of a stupor to our system.

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So get outside now, loved it, and then when summertime comes around you'll be all set to go. Until next time, I hope you have a Triumphant Day !.

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