Reading for pleasure as a homeschool mom? Yes, you can!

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Hey people! It's Crystal with Triumphant Learning. On today's Triumphant Minute I want to encourage you to be setting the example for your family by speaking. It is a challenge to have enough time to sit down and read. Whether you're a bookworm like me, and you're frustrated that you don't have time to read, or you've never enjoyed learn that much, and so it's even more difficult to find the wishes to want to read. But specifying that example for your children and your family is so important. There's a couple of ways that you are able incorporate more speaking into your week. One "wouldve been" through audio books. We will often listen to an audiobook in the car and a lot of ages it's not just a children's book.

We specially experienced the YWAM biographies of historical digits and preachers. And it's a work that's enjoyed by all ages. So we'll listen to that in the car. I likewise enjoy listening to audiobooks on LibriVox. I'm listening to Laddie by Gene Stratton Porter right now on LibriVox, and I crochet while I listen a bit each night. It's a great acces for me to loosen and unwind.

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I likewise have a couple of books becoming at any given time. I keep only the ones I'm actually speaking right now in my nightstand, and I have a couple of different genres so that whether I need something a bit lighter or I can treat something heavier, I can simply pick it up and depart. And I try to keep that with me so what I can read it while I'm waiting for the kids to finish a assignment, or while we're waiting in line not waiting in line but while we're waiting at a class such as PE or a tennis lesson or something like that.

I have it available and I can read a little bit read it in snippets here and there. Even if it takes you a while to get through the work, I spur you to read for yourself, for your gratification, and for your continuing education. Until next time, I hope you have a Jubilant Day ..

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