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Resolving Sibling Rivalry

 Resolving Sibling Rivalry

Resolving Sibling Rivalry Sibling rivalry it is an inevitable part of every family homeschool experience. But even though it is unavoidable, there is much that we as parents can do to minimize it. Here are a few tips to help you resolve conflicts between your children and help them get along, to facilitate the most peaceful home environment that you possibly can.

Resolving Sibling Rivalry Consequences

Letting any child get away with wrong choices without any consequences is a bad idea. To nurture harmony in your home, you must hold each child responsible for their actions. Be a parent who is loving but firm, and who helps your children to make good choices. When your child makes a wrong decision, teach them to accept their consequence with dignity and to learn from it. This is one of the glorious gifts we can give to our children.

Resolving Sibling Rivalry Follow Through on Consequences

Don’t allow your children to continually bother a sibling and never have to face their actions. Letting any child get away without consequences will deeply intensify sibling rivalry because your children will weigh your efforts towards one of them against your steps towards the other.

If you are strict with one child and lenient with another, you will end up having children who constantly and viciously bicker with one another. No matter how worn out you feel after a long day, do your best to follow through with consequences and never let your guard down. Follow through will give each of your children the assurance that you are acting in a fair manner, and they will not feel that they have to fight with each other to keep each other in their place.

Resolving Sibling Rivalry Be Fair

No parent can be entirely fair at all times, but it certainly helps when you are giving it your best shot. If you favor one child over another, the sibling with the short end of the stick will be bitter, and the child in favor will rub it in. Assure your children by your actions that you will be doing your best to parent in a fair and consistent manner. This will give your children the confidence to know you are always looking out for each of them, and not at the expense of the others.

Resolving Sibling Rivalry Don’t Encourage Victimhood

If one of your children is being treated wrongly by a sibling and needs help, by all means, come to their rescue. However, if you have a child who is always crying for help and you realize they are merely enjoying the attention, lay low for a while. Don’t allow any of your children to fall into the trap of victimhood because this will not positively serve them throughout life.

Resolving Sibling Rivalry Summary

Make sure your child knows that you are on his (or her) side, but that instead of rescuing him, you will empower him to save himself. Communication also squashes any potential personal problems that could arise from your child feeling that he needs to gain your sympathy when arguing with a sibling.

When you are parenting more than one child, you know that sibling rivalry will go along with it. However, in the end, you as the parent have the opportunity to play a significant role in stopping this annoying and disheartening rivalry. Use these ideas to put an end to sibling rivalry in your home now.