Slow Homeschooling For Proper Child Development

slow homeschooling

Slow Homeschooling Pace to Help Children Develop

Slow Homeschooling, As a parent, you have a unique profession. You should teach your child they should go. This duty is not a job for the clergyman, youth minister, sports coach, or teacher. It is yours because the Lord recognized from the start of time that you were the most equipped person to handle the responsibility.

Slow Homeschooling Use Caution

I will say that, for this period of your life, this is your department. I am deeply concerned for all the parents whose lives are ruled by a lay ministry when their most valuable work is right there under their noses at home. While you are raising your child it can seem like it will last for the rest of your life, the truth is that it goes by in an instant.

Slowing down - You need to relax in the middle of this most severe job. Educating children with the distinction they deserve is not a list of requirements, but instead walking with your child daily at a pace slow enough that you know them and experience their joys and fears. It is a readiness to stay connected even though this could mean the reduction of your time and putting aside plans. You can choose to see this as your trial, but I urge you to put to our Lord. A job will drain you; a calling will enable you.

Slow Homeschooling Being Real

Being real - It is also a decision of being genuine in their presence. You are not just a servant or chauffeur; they need to see you as a human being with struggles and dreams just like theirs. In this way only can we develop a broader relationship with our kids and not just be their servants. Choosing to be real can lay the groundwork for a deep and meaningful relationship not only while they are at home, but especially after they leave to begin life on their own.
Deciding what life should resemble - I believe this all starts with making a deliberate decision about what life should be for your family and drop those things that don't fit. This arrangement is an individual decision, and there are no right or wrong options. Don't worry about what everyone else at service or school are doing. Usually, families who have genuinely reached for excellence don't look like anyone else around them.

Slow Homeschooling Examples

Here are some illustrations of what I have noticed. Some parents decide that TV and video games will not be a part of the atmosphere at home. Some conclude that extracurricular pursuits will only consume 1 or 2 days a week. Some set the boundary that the Sabbath is for family and that nothing will conflict with that. Some choose ministry or leadership events only if the whole family can participate. The key is that you make a deliberate choice and not let life just to pass. Choose to do less, better.

Slow Homeschooling Understanding a Child

Understanding your child - God created your child as a one-of-a-kind wonder! I guess that there are moments when they appear more like a devil than a miracle, but they are a bonus, put in our family for a specific reason. In a few, precious moments of understanding I have seen that in grappling with a flaw in my child, my character has become better. Other times when I look at a dilemma with them, it is merely a representation of my failings.

It is our job to look at our children with impartial eyes. Do you know how precious that is? It is to see them for what they are and to understand what they need. What faults do they have that we need to mold with them to correct? What strengths do they have that need to be channeled in the right direction? Our goal through all of this is not to shove these treasures into society's boxes, but to help the flower bloom in all its splendor.

Slow Homeschooling Summary

To do that, we often have to wander away from what appears secure. You see, the actual goal of the times we have them under our charge is NOT to teach them to make a lot of money, but to help them develop into multi-dimensional human beings who appreciate their religion, their parents, and other people. If we keep our viewpoint where it should be, everything will balance out in the end.