Sunday with Sarah: Waldorf Homeschooling Part 1 – How to Choose a Curriculum

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Hi! It's Sunday, I'm Sarah Baldwin, welcome back to "Sunday with Sarah." Today I'm going to invest a little time to talk about homeschooling. Now I recognize this won't is being implemented in everyone but a common question that I've received is we adoration Waldorf education, I'd love to send their own children to a Waldorf school but I'm unable to. It may be because "they dont have" Waldorf school close to you, in your geographic area.

It may be because you can't render private school tuition. It may be because your child has special wants that can't be met by the Waldorf school. There are a number of reasons. So in these cases one alternative for you is to homeschool expending Waldorf methods. Some of you may be aware if you've speak my profile or if you've been following me that I homeschooled my own two children and my niece for got a couple of years. My minors went through a Waldorf school from nursery to 8th point except for those couple of years when we took a end and I homeschooled. I learned so much better during those two years, not only about homeschooling but about how offsprings memorize. It was a really useful suffer and a really rewarding suffer that I suppose we'll ever treasure those couple of years that we all had together, driving and memorizing together at home. So common questions I get from people interested in homeschooling expending Waldorf methods are about which curriculum substances I would recommend I'm familiar with a lot of them, I reviewed a lot of materials during those years we were homeschooling and since then and have some opinions which I'm happy to share with you today.

And retain in brain these are only my views. As "theyre saying", your mileage may vary. But first of all one of "the worlds largest" well-known curriculum parcels out there is called Oak Meadow and it's very well built. It's been around a long time and it's are exploited by a lot of families interested in Waldorf education. I have to say it has a Waldorf flavor but having examined the curriculum I have to say it's not very true to the philosophy behind Waldorf education.

It's got some inspirations from Waldorf education, particularly with the spacecrafts and artistic works they offer, but in a lot of ways it digresses moderately far away from the philosophy behind Waldorf education in periods of the year by root year curriculum as designed by Rudolf Steiner, which was very brilliantly developed in my opinion, to fill a child's developmental age through all stages. But it is a very well established program, really kind of lays out day-to-day lessons for you. If you like some things about Waldorf but you're uncomfortable with others and you require something a little more mainstream, it may work wonderfully for you. In periods of providing an education it should be just fine and I know many households who use it and adoration it.

When i embarked homeschooling I started out expending Live Education which is a really beautiful curriculum designed by two Waldorf teachers, extremely true-life to the philosophy behind Waldorf education and very similar to what offsprings would be get in a Waldorf school to its implementation of daily lessons and curriculum, grade by grade. Beautifully illustrated. We started out expending this and I had, as I articulated, my two children and my niece so I was homeschooling three different grades, and school curricula required planning three different lessons every night, or the working day before, making makes for their primary exercise volumes that I would create and "their childrens" would copy.

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It was pretty labor-intensive. We lasted a few months and I discovered I get more and more stressed out. I was up till midnight trying to prepare lessons every day and the minors were having less fun until it dawned on me this was really a curriculum developed by Waldorf teacher, very similar to how they would be taught in a Waldorf school and I embarked to realise discrepancies between school, in Waldorf education in an institutional setting, versus being at residence where you can have a lot more flexible, when you have a class of two or three or one versus a class of twenty-five to thirty students. There's a lot more flexibility. So simply about the time when I was get frustrated and looking for something new, the status of women identified Donna Simmons who was Waldorf educated herself, she went to a Waldorf school I feel from kindergarten through high school, she had done Waldorf teacher training courses and most importantly had the suffer of homeschooling her two boys, designed her own curriculum called Christopherus. We'll post a relation to Christopherus' website below this video.

But I ordered her navigates and I was so impressed that this was a curriculum that not only really understood the philosophy behind Waldorf education, understood school curricula, but here was someone who actually had the suffer as a homeschooler herself, who knew what it was like to be a mother who is juggling the needs of the of a family: educate dinners, doing laundry, doing the patronize, doing daily errands and homeschooling young children. Donna sees brilliant ways to incorporate children into the life of their families and constitute them learning experiences. She has, since my epoches as a homeschooler, developed many more navigates and and curriculum navigates, grade by grade and early childhood.

So when people ask me asking for my recommendations, Christopherus homeschool assets is ever my top recommendation and if it's something you're interested in I invite you to check out her website. Another alternative if "youve had" children under grade school age, you don't need school curricula. I will, in another post, I will talk about how life is the curriculum for preschoolers and how simply daily living will incorporate all the lessons your child wants before first point. If you're a mother at home with young children under six, if you're a residence daycare provider or interested in taking care of other people's offsprings during the day, you must check out Lifeways.

Lifeways North America offers a education program for parents and child care providers. It's very motivated by Waldorf education and the penetrations of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, and it's not only a education on working with children, it's likewise about self evolution. As a mother I can't recommend it highly enough. I will post the link to Lifeways North America's website below this post. There's a lot of great assets on Lifeways' website and I highly recommend you sign up for their newsletter because it's just jam-pack with great information on working with young offsprings. Finally, through the years since I've been a homeschooler, there have been a lot more websites and people designing curriculum navigates for homeschoolers interested in Waldorf education. Some of them are great and some of them I've read a lot of misinformation and have been concerned about some of the information out there being somewhat misinformed or not really displaying an understanding of the underlying philosophy and curriculum. So if you are researching and looking about i urge you to ask yourself a few queries when you're evaluating whether to spend money on school curricula: who is the author? Are they a qualified teach? Do they have a degree in education? How long have they taught? If they're promoting a Waldorf curriculum are they a Waldorf teacher, have they received Waldorf teacher training and how long have they been in operation? Those queries will help guide you to find quality resources for training your own children.

So let me hear from you. Are you a homeschooler? Are you expending a curriculum? What are you expending, what works for you? Are there other the level of resources you know about that you are able to share with others? I would love to hear from you, as ever, and thanks so much better for tuning in this week. I'll see you next week ..

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