Teach Coping Skills-How To Cope With Failure

Teach Coping Skills

Teach Coping Skills

Teach Coping Skills because it is the common denominator in the reason we establish dysfunction in "peoples lives". Lack of coping skills is across the board the reason for, our immaturity, inability to handle emotional tenderness. We've become a culture and species preoccupied with running away, eschewing tenderness. This where we're creating progenies who cannot stand the slightest slight, the slightest insult, the slightest bad point they fall apart. Instead of teaching resilience to our children, we're really teaching them emotional avoidance. Now, how do we Teach Coping Skills to our children? The only way we can do that is first we as mothers need to become comfy in our own emotional scalp. We need to be comfortable with our emotional expression, with our emotional extent, with our emotional hesitancy to handle the conflict of life and to be able to sit in that not knowing space.

And understand that through the tolerance of the tenderness of life we actually grow stronger. So we do "their children's" no services that are when they come to us and answer, mommy individual called me fat and we take them to a nutritionist or teach them to escape that tenderness through dieting. We do them no assistance when they are talking about they got a C point and we get them a wide-ranging of instructors and get them an A point. We're doing them no assistance because the true skill that they need to learn is not an intellectual skill.

It is the skill of emotional tolerance of tenderness. To teach them to handle failing and sit with the mock of their ordinariness and teach them that in that mock is the ability to listen. Not through the success, not through the accomplishment, not through the daylight and the glamour but through the mock of ordinariness. But because we are so avoidant our own ordinariness. We simply have not taught our children this and this is the failing in this parenting dilemma.

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