YouTube Homeschool Curriculum-YouTube Lesson Plans

YouTube Homeschool Curriculum

YouTube Homeschool Curriculum

YouTube Homeschool Curriculum, Everybody knows, the free video media site. It looks like most people these days are making videos with YouTube's services to make themselves a star, sell their products and assistance and make sure that every bit of anything significant is on video by someone somewhere. But have you considered using YouTube for your homeschooling?

YouTube Homeschool Curriculum Using Video

How, you ask, could someone use uploaded videos for teaching purposes? You can do this by looking around a bit before you teach. You'll probably spend more time sorting through available material for just the "right" material, but with some determination and perseverance, and a little bit of luck, you'll find plenty of videos to add to your learning activities.

YouTube Homeschool Curriculum

  1. YouTube for Social Studies: Much of the 20th century's exceptional minutes as well as all of the 21st century's history, have been captured by video cameras. Rather than reading about an event - witness it by watching. Search for a specific game, such or the lunar landing, or the Olympic Games. You can view events that happen long before you were born. If a historical fact not put on videotape, you will find motion picture and documentaries on the subject. View a wide variety of history through reenactments. For events previous to the days before moving films, there is a chance to find complete documentation on National Geographic and various other websites. These images will give the kids a realistic idea of history.
  2. YouTube for Science: Everything from nature documentaries to home-made science experiments on YouTube. You can even see a frog dissection, an excellent example of Bernoulli's Principle in action or a volcanic eruption caught on film.
  3. YouTube for Maths: Having trouble with algebra? Or calculus? Or are you stuck in long division?  Video tutorial for all sort of math-related curriculum. You'll probably find what you're looking for quickly and easily by adding "Basics" to your keyword search - Algebra basics,  and the type of math you want.
  4. YouTube for Language: From phonics with catchy songs and cartoons for the little ones to a university professor giving a tutorial on essay writing to scenes from Play productions to both the famous and less-famous readings or reciting poetry, YouTube has a surplus of videos to add some spark to your language lessons. You can even see a film on how to do sentence diagramming. Anything you desire.
  5. YouTube for Foreign Language: YouTube has at least one channel dedicated to teaching foreign language basics - foreign language house. Nevertheless, you can also find musicology videos, newscasts, even soap operas, and movies, in a wide variety of international languages.
  6. YouTube for the Arts: Want to view a biography of Picasso from the History Channel? Or how learn painting techniques? Or have a see a famous concert? Without leaving the comfort of home, you have all of this at your fingertips.

YouTube Homeschool Curriculum Summary

Maybe you not have considered YouTube as an educational tool, but as you can see, it has a vast amount to offer your homeschool. And it's for free,  how good is that!