academic writing

Academic Writing for Homeschool Students

Academic Writing It is important to teach homeschool kids about academic writing. This can be easily accomplished through research papers.  In the early years of education, the assignment will include matters such as researching a favorite person, a sport, […]
Community College Benefits

Community College Benefits For Homeschoolers

Community College Benefits Community college can be a challenge for homeschooled students, but there are many benefits to enrollment as well. A transcript from a community college is substantial outside documentation of your homeschool transcripts, […]
Homeschool High School Course Descriptions

Homeschool High School Course Description-Avoiding Them

Homeschool High School Course Descriptions Homeschool High School Course Descriptions Although many, if not most colleges like to see some course descriptions along with a homeschool transcript, there are several strategies for those who wish […]
Homeschool Requirements

Homeschool Requirements-Follow the Rules

Homeschool Requirements Homeschool requirements are essential, and ensure that you are meeting all of the legal obligations necessary to teach your child at home. Although some people think that anyone can just educate their children […]
homeschool microscope curriculum

Homeschool Microscope Curriculum-Examining Hair

Homeschool Microscope Curriculum Homeschool Microscope Curriculum Throughout the history of humankind, healthy and shiny hair were considered to be the first decoration of a person, both a woman and a man. A thick coat of […]
explain homeschooling

Explain Homeschooling to Your Children

Explain Homeschooling Explain Homeschooling Homeschooling is beginning to be mainstream today, with more parents choosing this sort of instruction for their children. It is not as it was in the past due there were many […]
Homeschool Art Appreciation Curriculum

Homeschool Art Appreciation Curriculum-Simple Lessons

Homeschool Art Appreciation Curriculum Homeschool Art Appreciation Curriculum For those of us who are not practiced artists showing art appreciation to our children can be an overwhelming undertaking. With these essential tips, even non-artists can […]
Gifted Instructional Strategies

Gifted Instructional Strategies for Homeschool

Gifted Instructional Strategies Gifted Instructional Strategies Homeschooling secondary school can be challenging enough to achieve with typical secondary school kids. When you toss in a student, who is naturally gifted a few parents may be […]
Homeschoolers National Merit Scholarships

Homeschoolers National Merit Scholarships-Earn One

Homeschoolers National Merit Scholarships Homeschoolers National Merit Scholarships   One of the keys to getting huge merit-based college scholarships for your homeschooler is to incorporate the greater part of your student’s initial secondary school credits. This […]