robotics classes

Robotics Classes For Homeschool Kids

Robotics Classes Do not be intimidated about teaching robotics to homeschool children.  It is one of the easiest lessons for a parent to teach.  It only requires a small amount of instruction and the curriculum […]
Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum

Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum for Homeschool

Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum What makes “troublesome subjects, for example, science, so hard to instruct and to learn? It may be the case that the concepts aren’t exactly as simple to learn using repetition […]
homeschool singapore math

Homeschool Singapore Math An Effective Program

Homeschool Singapore Math Homeschool Singapore Math The Singapore Math Method is highly prevalent in the US and is considered to be effective when it comes to teaching children. The Singapore Math is a method whose […]
Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum-How To Do It

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Here is a big question every Family that is homeschooling children between the ages of 5-6. If your child is too young for official kindergarten, you can teach him for an extra year. […]
Christian Homeschool Dads

Christian Homeschool Dads-Successful Christian Parents

Christian Homeschool Dads – 4 Simple Steps Christian Homeschool Dads There are millions of homeschool dads worldwide. While many of these males consider themselves to be secular as far as their religious beliefs are concerned, […]
Cooperative Homeschool

Cooperative Homeschool-Learn From Each Other

Cooperative Homeschool Cooperative Homeschool Homeschoolers love to share their lives and each other. It’s one of the confusing ways of life, so I find that the greater part of us spend our first years looking […]
Homeschool College Prep

Homeschool College Prep-Applying for Admission

Homeschool College Prep Homeschool College Prep How Homeschooling Parents Can Assure their Homeschooled Students Gain Acceptance into America’s Well-Known Colleges and Universities. Homeschool and College Acceptance What Works and Doesn’t Work in Homeschooling How Homeschooling […]
Homeschool Preschool 

Homeschool Preschool Children What to Expect

Homeschool Preschool Homeschool Preschool Activities Parents who choose to homeschool their pre-school youngsters have asked about the Montessori Services”>benefit of educating your own kids at home. Starting homeschool at the pre-school age is a phenomenal […]