Homeschool Common Core
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Homeschool Common Core Standards-Reading

Homeschool Common Core Homeschool Common Core I teach Kindergarten at Ruby Duncan Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada and I have 21 amazing kindergarten students in my classroom. Ooh, what do you encounter? Whose mother […]
Penny Boats
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Penny Boats-Homeschool Science

Penny Boats Penny Boats All right, so today “was about” designing Penny Boats. They’re able to use toilet paper flattens, rubber bands, straws, and aluminum foil. We’re gonna see how many pennies we can get […]
Test Homeschooling Students
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Test Homeschooling Students-Homeschool Tips

Test Homeschooling Students Test Homeschooling Students I am a homeschool mama, and every year I faced the same dilemma. At the end of the year, two daughters have to be evaluated, but let’s face it, […]
Easy Christmas Crafts
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Easy Christmas Crafts for Homeschool Kids

Easy Christmas Crafts Easy Christmas Crafts I’m going to give you three plans for a last-minute Christmas plan. So if you are looking for a last-minute Christmas plan, then keep watching. The first is a […]