Homeschool Curriculum Writing Tutorial

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Homeschool Curriculum Writing

Homeschool curriculum writing has never been easier than when using Google Drive. The educational tools available to the educator is truly amazing. Learn how you can use them for your homeschool.

Homeschool Curriculum Writing

This instructional video will show you how to begin the curriculum letter process exercising the Google Curriculum Drive. The Curriculum Coordinator should have associated itself with you a folder for the course for which you will be writing curriculum. This folder can be found on your Google Drive under the direct Shared With Me. Depending upon which subject you are teaching, the folder may contain a number of items. In this pattern of a 6th-grade math direction folder we see the following items; Frameworks, Resource Folder, Lesson Intention, Math 6-12 Benchmarks, and Math Test Specifications. The Lesson Program spreadsheet will contain the curriculum template "you're somehow responsible for" accomplishing. St. James Public Schools has adopted the Understanding by Design philosophy for curriculum intend based on the work of Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. As you examine, the curriculum template is broken down into the following leads: Lesson Introductory Information, Standards& Benchmarks, Desired Results, Assessment Evidence, Learning Plan, and Aid. Subsequent videos in this training sequence will describe each of these components of school curricula template. It must be realized, however, that we are writing part or assembly curriculum exercises and not daily exercise plans.

If we return to the central shared folder, we can preview the other parts. All shared folders, no matter what subject matter, will have a Resource Folder. As you prepare for writing curriculum, you will be creating assembly or unit folders within the Resource Folder. Within these chapter or contingent folders, you will be uploading approval materials such as worksheets, handouts, PowerPoints, videos, quizzes, and tests. If we look at another folder that has been completed, we can see how this is organized. In this folder for the Meteorology course, we see that the Resource Folder contains individual folders worked for each of the chapters in the Meteorology course. Within each folder, as can be seen here, we learn a PowerPoint, related worksheets, and a quiz. Croaking back to the 6th-grade math folder we can see that it contains a Framework folder with PDFs of the math standards and benchmarks developed by the SciMath MN organization. The Math 6-12 Benchmark Spreadsheet provides the curriculum writer with marks and pacing leader for all the math courses taught in the district. The Math Test Specifications spreadsheet recognizes marks and Item Specifications related to the MCA III assessment for each gradation level.

These parts in such courses folder are to assist with the curriculum writing process. As you begin to write your curriculum, please contact the Curriculum Coordinator if you need additional explanations or any kind of assistance. Thank you and check out Google for Education.

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