Homeschool High School Planning-Preparing for College

Homeschool High School Planning
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Homeschool High School Planning-Preparing for College

Homeschool High School Planning, We've been taught to believe that a college prep education is only for college-bound kids. But college readiness is GREAT life preparation. The first big mistake that parents make in their homeschool is neglecting to aim for college! In this lesson, you will learn what you can do to provide a college preparation for your children and why a college prep education is essential.

Homeschool High School Planning Don't Skimp on the Basics

A homeschool high school college prep study includes reading, writing, and math - skills critical to any profession. It covers history so that our society isn't doomed to repeat it! It covers sciences for critical thinking, and civics to that our students can vote efficiently. It includes the foreign languages so that we better understand the world around us, and physical fitness for health.

Homeschool High School Planning College Prep

A college prep education is essential for all children. If a child is going on to college, then, of course, they need a college prep high school. However what if you assume they may NOT go to college? What then? Then their homeschool participation may be their only directed education, and we have to make it appropriate. If they aren't moving on to college, then they are going straight into the workforce. They need to be ready so that they are legitimate citizens, can perform in their preferred career, and can vote intelligently.

Homeschool High School Planning-The Future

You can't always identify what the future holds. Have you ever noticed that often kids change their minds? My neighbor had a son that loved cars. He was continually bringing home little stray engines the way other teenagers might bring back little stray pups. She became convinced that her son would become an auto repairman. Convinced that her child wouldn't go to college, and therefore wouldn't require math, she was never worried about driving him ahead. He enjoyed engines so much - it was an obvious fit, right?

Homeschool High School Planning-A Change of Plans

Well, one day he stated that he wanted to be an engineer, and suddenly he required calculus! Children change their intentions, and often even parents can't believe that things will end up a certain way.

Homeschool High School Planning-Maximize flexibility

Preparing a college prep high school will provide your children to change their minds. It will enable them to proceed to ANY college they abruptly long for, and ANY profession they become fascinated with at graduation.  Preparing for college will provide you maximum flexibility, and limit any slips or misses along the way. No matter what life brings, you'll be ready for it.  A prepared homeschool parent is waiting for anything that comes your way.