Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum-Science Curriculum

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum
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Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum-Science Curriculum

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum, Our family doesn't own acres of land in the countryside for our children to play all day long.  We live in a city with quite a few local parks. It is in one of these parks that we play and have plenty of opportunities to learn about nature.

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum-Nature Journals

So to experience the outdoor environment, we spend a few days a week at one of our favorite local parks.  Since we have no space for the children to enjoy nature, we walk a few block to feed the birds and squirrels.  The kids also enjoy the swings and slides.  We also have some beach area near where we live.  They are further from our home, so we take the car. When the water is out, the youngsters explore tidepools, find crabs and appreciate the moist salt air. They also enjoy shoveling the sand into buckets and building castles and with motes just for fun.

A little bit further away we have a nature park close to the city with access to the river which runs through our part of the country. There we walk the nature trails, and on the river's edge, we sometimes fish.

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum Observations

Earlier this year, we began bringing the children's Nature Journals whenever we went to the park.  The Nature Journals are just art sketchbooks where the kids can sketch whatever native life happens to be in view.

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum Changes in Nature

During the Fall, we returned to the nature park one time every week and kept records of the differences we observed as the season progressed. Everything was green and full of leaves, at first. Then we saw the progression of colors until finally, after an early cold spell, the trees lost their leaves and the ground covered with leaves.

We informally discussed the changes between deciduous and coniferous trees and the children saw first-hand what that means. At first, the pine trees were barely visible amongst the dense foliage. After the Fall leaves shed, the pine trees were the only visible green in the forest. The kids also discovered on their own that the water of the river had slowly lowered over the months we'd been watching it.


We observed a significant patch of flower appear and noticeably cover a region of the grass. The kids had a wonderful time drawing the beautiful blossoms. When we came home we skimmed through the journals and talked about the flowers.

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum Creative Learning

One day, my youngest sat hypnotized by a Woodpecker flitting between the branches of a tree pecking for bugs.  She had her Nature Journal with her; the busy bird just would not cooperate and or hold still long enough for her to sketch it.  She decided instead to write down the actions of the active critter.

Homeschool Nature Study Curriculum Summary

When we came home, my kids went to find their bird book and quickly found the page they were looking for to make the ID. After looking up Robin, they used the photo in the book to make the drawing.  It was so satisfying to see their interest inspire them to create a way to record the observations in creative ways. It doesn't matter if you live in the countryside or have a significant amount of property, there are lots of outdoor learning exercises and nature study possibilities all around you.