Homeschool Physical Activities-Physical Education Guidelines

Homeschool Physical Activities
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Homeschool Physical Activities-Physical Education Guidelines

Homeschool Physical Activities, Have you noticed how children love to run? They run everywhere all the time! They run away, they run to you and run when they should be walking. They run to the table and run from the table. They run to the car, and they run from the vehicle. Running seems to be in their DNA in bucket loads. Sitting still sometimes seems impossible. (As a child my older sister paid me to sit still - she soon gave up on these bribes when they didn't work!).

Homeschool Physical Activities Where to Start

So what is the point in stating this? When homeschooling your child make sure you include plenty of activity, outside if possible, and as often as you can manage. Physical activity stimulates the brain and will aid learning. Always remember that education is more than just learning facts. Becoming a fully developed and balanced individual includes more than just filling our brains with facts and figures. Training comprises academic and character building, but physical activity is essential also. Kids have energy that they need to burn. Bottling up that enthusiasm can lead to anger, frustration, lack of interest and a whole lot of other negative responses. I have never met a child who does not enjoy physical activity. Children are born with it.
Here are several recommendations to help you find some activity your child will enjoy. It may be a case of trial and error until you recognize what your child likes, but give them every chance to investigate.

Homeschool Physical Activities Join Organized Programs

Join a tennis club. It is excellent for exercise and interaction. Swimming is a valuable skill to learn. What about thinking of joining your local athletics association or organization? I'm sure there are local soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and clubs looking for your child's talent. For girls, try ballet or jazz classes. You never know, there may be a star waiting to be born! Maybe just take them for a short jog and enjoy some simple games as parent and child. Research something unconventional.
Get them doing something THEY enjoy!

Homeschool Physical Activities Summary

One crucial thing to recognize is not forcing on them what you like doing. Find what your kids enjoy, and you will find they will excel at their rate. Fun is the key to success. Don't ever push your child to do something YOU think he should do. Let them discover their strengths and weaknesses as well as likes and dislike. These activities are part of a child's education and learning process. Strive for the highest levels in all areas but never push them beyond it until they are ready. Natural talent will soon become visible.