Homeschool project DIY Stress Ball

Homeschool project

Homeschool project

Homeschool project. And today we're making the worlds' easiest DIY Stress Balls. Let's get this homeschool project right to it. All this is necessary is Alien Slime from the Dollar store, and you need a bag and emphatically you guys right now "retrying" this at home. All you need is to put the slush into the bag, but it's pretty touchy because you have to keep the slush into the bag but the nozzle's too small enough so I think we have to use a funnel. I'm gonna make this funnel and employ this balloon on it so that it is possible to situate the slime in the balloon.( balloon plops)( laughs) That's funny. Just popped right off. I remember I need my mom for this part. Okay, my mom got it on, now let's applied the slush inside. Oh, that's cool, there's an alien toy, inside, ogle. A new alien, that's cool. All you have to do now is fastened the gunk in. Eeww, announces gross. Ha ha ha ha, that's slimy.

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Once you have the width that wishes to, confine off the top of the balloon. We expanded five of these little tubes of goo to get this big. What I like to do is close right above the braid of the bag, but if you trim below, you're gonna have a terribly, awfully, bad mess. Just like this. Oh, that was a close one! It's right there. Ogle at the little bow. Now you've got yourself a super entertaining creepy stress lump, Woo.

Wait, you know what I have an idea for? That realize we wanna do a slush bathtub challenge. Competition on.( upbeat xylophone music) After a long, stressful daylight, you get yourself a stress projectile, and ascent into a slime soap fitted with ORBEEZ. Ooo-oo-oo. Isn't that relaxing? Relaxing, who are willing to loosen? I love ORBEEZ and jelly tub, woohoo. It's really slimy, more. Are you guys right now gonna try out my stress missile project? Squish. Whoa, I squished it. Stress ball. Oo-oo-oo. Comment down in specific comments below, would you do this?( splooshing) Yeah. That's gonna be hard to get off. It's a son relaxing in his tub full of slime soap and ORBEEZ. Hey guys, thank you for having to watch Kyle's Toys & Games. Click here to subscribe and click here to watch more videos. Appreciate you guys right now next time, bye.( upbeat music)( splooshing) Wooo! That's fun. Now I have ORBEEZ on my hair and slime shower in my hair.

Wooo !.

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