Homeschool Telling Time-Learning the Clock

Homeschool Telling Time

Homeschool Telling Time

Homeschool Telling Time Snoring snoring snoring Wow wow I'm so sorry that you guys coming sleeping I know that I shouldn't be sleeping the middle-of-the-road of the day I get this awesome brand-new clock but I don't know how to tell time yet so I do not know when to go to sleep hey I've got an idea maybe you guys can help me. Will you help me learn how to tell term so I know when to bed Thanks chaps I appreciate it let's zoom over now to the clocks learn how to tell term this first clock we hear is an analog clock this is the new clock I get to learn time let's start off with an easier explanation of this clock okay the little pointer that rotates is announced and this clock is a quality clock and exclusively has one small-scale hand on it the small hand is called our hand around the edge of the clock we have digits that extend from one the whole way to 12 this small hand tells us what the hour is right now our hand is pointing to the three so it must be 3 o'clock now what hour is it? 6 o'clock right let's look at another what hours is this? I discovered some of you say it is still six o'clock and you compensate that we do not change until "its by" placing right at the next number as long as the hand moments between the six in the 7 it is always six o'clock let's "re trying" more right now the hour hand is between the 11 and the 12 so is this eleven o'clock or twelve o'clock? it is still eleven o'clock it will not be twelve o'clock until our hand moments right at the 12 good chore guys.

Now this training clock works huge to tell us what our books but what if you have to be home by a certain time in the middle hour, it would be difficult to know exactly when to leave with Homeschool Telling Time, that is why we have what we call the minute hand let's bring in one of our big-hearted child clocks this clock has a big hand and a small hand we already know the small-scale hand tells us the hour but do you know what this hand does? This long is the minute hand the minute hand tells us how much term has passed after the hour. When telling term we ever look at the hour hand firstly, on this clock the hour hand is pointing to the 12 and the minute hand is pointing to the one so would we say that Homeschool Telling Time learning is 12 and one hour? I know you might be tempted to say yes but that is not correct each one of these increments are weighed by 5' s there are five minutes between each of these big-hearted digits so when the minute hand is that the one five minutes have transferred so this is five minutes 10 times 15 times 20 times 25 times 30 times 35 minutes forty times 45 times 50 times 55 times and at the 12 the hour stock back over zero so right now the time is 12 05 the hour hand is at the 12 and the minute hand is pointing at the one which is five minutes let's look at another one retain we firstly look at the small hand for the hour.

It is halfway between the three and the four so it's just our hand we know it is 3 o'clock now we look at the minute hand it is pointing to the six does that imply it is three and six times? No you are right "we've got to" tally by fives to get the times let's tally 5 10 15 20 25 30 30 times, so the time is because the hour is three and after weighing by 5' s we see that the minute hand is pointing to 30 times let's do one last one can you help me out on this one huge okay you caught me sleeping earlier because my bedtime is 8 o'clock at night when I identified the big hand pointing to the eight I thought it was my bedtime to get the correct time we need to look at that our hand Firstly what number is the small our hand drawn attention to? it is that the 2 still so that hour is 2 huge chore now how many times have transferred retain to count by increments of five can you tell me what the minutes are? The times are 40 so the time is enormous chore, everyone, now that I know how to tell term I will not try to sleep at in the afternoon thank you so much for your help chaps retain to keep rehearse and you will be better at this we'll see you next time goodbye

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