Interest-Led Learning-Homeschool Curriculum Choice

Interest-Led Learning

Interest-Led Learning Child-Led Curriculum

Interest-Led Learning, Are your hard to teach kids struggling with attention? Do you wish you could spice things up to gain the upper hand? Why not try interest led learning? Here is how to get started.

Interest-Led Learning  Library Books

Every day for a week start your school day out with a stack of good library books about a history or science topic. Read the books or look through them together and do what naturally comes out of your exploration. Act out a historical scene, put together a simple science experiment, or have older children write a paragraph about what you have learned that day.

Interest-Led Learning Choosing Lessons

If you have a child that has a hard time sitting still for reading or is disruptive, make sure she has something to do with her hands while you're reading. Starting out with exciting picture books about a topic will garner interest even in a restless or stressed out child but if not, let her use legos, color, or mold with play dough or clay.

Interest-Led Learning interests

Whatever catches her interest should be done or discussed first so that if she loses attention, she can play while you delve in deeper with older or more mature children. When homeschooling adopted kids who have severe behaviors or children with other emotional or behavior problems, it's a good idea to treat them like you would a toddler. Include them, but don't be too rigid just yet.

Interest-Led Learning key to success

The key to success is letting interest rule the day. Children do not have to learn on the same schedule as public schools. Those standards have been set up for group learning and ease of operation, not because the public school schedule is the most effective way to learn.

Interest-Led Learning Summary

You would be surprised at how much you and your kids learn when you let interest lead the learning. You can get back to the workbooks next week. (Or maybe you'll love attention led learning so much the books will gather dust!)