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Math Whiz Kid
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Math Whiz Kid-Homeschool Math Tutors Online

Math Whiz Kid, There are no excuses today for any parent not to help their children with homework whether it's math or English. Long gone are the days when a child would come home and parents were at a loss when asked to help with math homework. Not today! This help has been made possible by online learning sites that abound the internet and available at the click of a mouse.

Parents freaking out, when it comes to helping their children with their homework is, unfortunately, still a common occurrence. Despite the availability of hundreds of sites, many of which are free, it remains a mystery why only a tiny percentage (less than 3% in a recent survey) of parents would be bothered.

Math Whiz Kid Private Tutoring

Private tutoring has been the way children find the extra help needed to boost their understanding of math, the dreaded subject, which has always counted towards securing better places in universities. Despite the high hourly rates tutors charge parents have no other option as it is the only way out.

Since the eighties, spots for universities became more competitive. Some companies introduced audio cassettes, which contained pre-recorded lessons, as an option to a tutor. Videos in the late 1980's followed this lesson. Due to the upfront cost between $4000 and $10,000 these programs were not affordable to many, despite themselves.

Today, such types of programs abounded but made more affordable. It has been the gold rush. In the last five years. Many educational companies shot up like mushrooms after the rain. Most of the educational sites have been created to do just one thing: make a killing selling online education.

Math Whiz Kid Specific Needs

In their rush, they forgot one thing: no thought to the users and their specific needs. When it comes to learning, everyone is unique. It's not enough just to go to a site and get a chapter, read it, or watch it (depending on the medium), and Eureka! It, unfortunately, doesn't work that way. Still, most of the sites online today are doing just that. Why, because they have been created just to sell and make money.

With today's technology, it can be a child's play to shoot a few lessons on a particular topic and post them on a site and get paid for viewing it. Most of the places I have reviewed, and I have visited and reviewed quite a few; all have one thing in common, they aren't systematic. They show or teach a lesson assuming that the viewer knows. Or has the basics to understand the experience.

Math Whiz Kid Fixing Problems

The reason, in most cases, why one seeks help online is not to get a quick fix solution but to make sure that principles are known to the extent that one can solve problems related to such topics all by oneself. The aim is supposed to be to learn and being able to apply that information. In two words: complete understanding. This knowledge can only be achieved by going back to the basics and revise all lessons related to the problem topic up to what is currently known. Not many sites are geared to fulfill such requirements.

Math Whiz Kid Understanding

It is a fact that nothing beats the classroom teacher when it comes to an understanding. In a 35 to 40 minutes classroom period a teacher makes use of the whiteboard, uses examples to elaborate the lesson being taught to ensure understanding. Still, at the end of the period, many would not understand or wouldn't be bothered to ask questions due to peer pressure. Those are the kids who find it hard to cope with their homework and have to seek help from parents or friends. They manage to get over that hurdle once, twice but what about later when the lessons get harder, and no one can help when they hit the next experience which is usually related to what wasn't fully understood. It all starts then to snowball, and six months down the track, it's all too much hard work, and as a result, they give up.

Math Whiz Kid Summary

This problem needn't happen. Wouldn't it is perfect if those kids could go backward in time, six months, a year or even two years, and see the information. Their mentors teaching them the subjects and learning they haven't fully grasped, work their way up to the present time and undertake the homework they are currently doing, and all this done within three to six short months?