Multiple Intelligence Understanding The Research Science

multiple intelligence

Multiple Intelligence Understanding The Research Science

Multiple Intelligence, How to determine and understanding your child's learning style:  Understanding Multiple Intelligence in children can help parents find areas where children can excel. According to Gardner's theory, intelligence is-ability to resolve new problems and to solve problems in real life. He has distinguished seven different types of intelligence.

Multiple Intelligence The Seven Types

  •  Verbal/linguistic- Children are good storytellers and can write poems and stories. They can even create word games and write jokes.
  • Mathematical/logical- Children are good are organizing facts and can solve story problems by analyzing facts. They also like to develop and find patterns.
  • Musical- Children want to compose melodies or learn in a rhythmic pattern. They can even change the words to a song. They also learn to play and sometimes create musical instruments at an early age.
  • Kinesthetic/Bodily- These children are good at role-playing. They perform well in plays and skits and also like putting together puzzle pieces.
  • Visual/Spatial- These children pretend to be someone else and love playing with shapes and colors. They are also good at creating diagrams and charts and even maps.
  • Naturalist-They is nature lovers. They like to collect leaves flowers and watch the trees, sunshine, and clouds.
  • Interpersonal- They are people smart children. One-to-one communication is something that comes naturally to them. They are also team players. These children love to work in groups.
  • Intrapersonal- Such children are said to be self-smart. They are usually good at describing themselves and their feelings. They also have clear thinking strategies and good concentration spans. As parents, you too can discover your child's learning style and thus find out his category of intelligence.

Multiple Intelligence Observing Your Child

By observing your child, you can figure out what fascinates him the most. Every child has a unique style of acquiring knowledge.  Many kids study by investigating their surroundings, and some may prefer to learn by listening to stories read to them. There are several websites where you can discover your child's intelligence profile by merely taking a quiz.

Multiple Intelligence Summary

There are also websites where children can use multiple intelligence tests. These tests can help them analyze their strengths and weakness. You can find ways to help your child improve in areas where he is lagging. No matter what the results are, your kids can have one or a blend of two or more intelligence but finally its all the knowledge at work that makes us who we are.